Day 38 & 39: Fartleks and Sparkles

Day 38:  Some people are blessed with a stomach of steel and others are given the short straw with a intestinal disorder at the end of it.  Unfortunately, I drew the short straw by being a part of the Salzler family.  Yesterday was one of the days when I was cursing my parents for allowing their stomach issues to be passed on to another generation.  Working out proved to be difficult.

I decided to stay home and use the only yoga video that I have in my household.  Five years ago I had a tug to complete yoga, but was too scared to try it in a studio.  In comes the MTV yoga workout with a sweet DJ and a Real World character- sold! I tried it for a few days back then and was so frustrated that I did not commit.  Yesterday I did the hour-long video and could not remember why I thought it was so difficult five years ago.  The only problem I was having this time around was keeping my cat off of me while on the floor (ex: the picture of me doing down dog and Jack’s darling butt right next to me).

Day 39:  I have been running 10 minute miles for the six years that I have been running consistently.  That is not an exaggeration, I have not become any faster over the years.  Today I ran the 6.4 mile loop from my house to Washington Park and back.  When I was about four miles in I realized that my breathing was not stressed at all.  I remembered back to my lululemon run club days in Georgetown and a run ambassador that told us we had to insert fartleks into our runs if we wanted to run faster.  What is that awesome word?  A fartlek is a sprint worked into your run to help create endurance and build-up speed.  After mile four I added in five fartleks and felt my legs get heavier.  I really hope that they help because at some point I’d like to be able to break my 10 minute curse.

As for the sparkles?  Some women wear cocktail dresses with sparkles, I wear lululemon running shorts with sparkly bling!  It’s just how I fartlek….

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