Day 37: Go With The Flow

Today I walked into yoga class thinking, “I am going to hop back on the ‘I love working out everyday’ bandwagon,” but that did not happen.  I even thought being super gentle to myself would help, so I went to a Core Power 1.5 level class (beginner class).  Again, I found myself messing up easy poses- I am talking warrior 1/2 and chaturanga.  The flow was happening and I was missing the current.

When class was over I was disappointed again.  Being in this mindset is definitely not helping me stay motivated and feel strong, so I wonder what is going on?  I got to thinking about my diet and started breaking it down a bit.  I have been eating pretty healthy- 90% gluten-free and I have also naturally let go of eating most meat.  That’s when it hit me, I have lost the majority of my carbs and protein in the last three months and have not been replacing them with proper substitutes.  My body is drained because I have not been filling it up with the right things.

After class tonight I had an IU Alumni Board meeting and ordered a ginormous hamburger and ate every last bite of it (the fries were doomed too since they were on my plate).  I already feel a little bit better.  Tomorrow I am going on a run, followed-up with a spoonful* of peanut butter, chased down with almond milk. Now that I think I have targeted my lack of motivation situation, I am going to consciously try to fix it.

*What do gluten-free people put peanut butter on?  This might be a riddle that does not have an answer!

3 responses to “Day 37: Go With The Flow

  1. peanut butter goes well with apples and bananas, if you’re not going to be eating bread. sometimes I like to slice an apple in half and take out the core, then fill up the hole left behind with PB!! yum. go betsy!!

  2. Smart thinking Kelly! I think I have been so focused on not having carbs that it’s all that I want. Bananas, perfect!

  3. Udi’s has really good gluten everything….if you want bread. You can also take the pizza crust and make little peanut butter bites. It’s super delicious! And the go too for me is a big stick of celery dipped in my pb!

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