Work With Me

Ready to make some serious life changes?   Here are just a few of the things that you can learn through working with me:

  • Overcome years of emotional eating, binge eating and every type of eating issue in the book.
  • Lose the weight you have been trying to lose for, umm, how long?
  • Enjoy working out, sweating, and taking care of your body.
  • Discover what it means to have a “mind-body connection” and how to incorporate it into your life.  Seriously.
  • Create a healthy relationship with food.
  • Learn to love yourself so much that you will stop numbing your pain with overeating and start to look at food as fuel.
  • Make yourself a priority.  Everything else gets better when you do that.  Trust me.
  • Fulfill some of your wildest dreams.  Examples of achieved dreams from my real rockin’ past clients:  found healthy love in a relationship, learned how to love the crap out of themselves and their lives, reached their ideal weight, quit emotional eating, launched a new career, became a marathon runner and an exercise adoring fiend.  Just to name a few…

betsy10edit1Sometimes life can feel tough and it can feel like an uphill battle to conquer alone.  I get it, I have a coach too.   By teaming up with me you can expect personalized coaching tools in every session, detailed playwork for you to work on in between sessions and a strong-arm to push you forward when you feel like moving back.

The coolest part about us working together?   You can live anywhere in the world and we can still change your life.  Whether you call Thailand or Nevada home, we can make it work.  All coaching is done over the phone while you are in the comfort of your own home.  You can even adorn your favorite high school tee-shirt while being coached.  If that is not awesome, I am not sure what is!

Coaching Packages:

The Bootcamp– One 90 minute phone session to whip your thoughts and action plan into shape.  The time will be jammed packed with tools to send you on your way quickly. This is ideal for a pick me up after completing a coaching package.  $150

Accountability Partner-  One 60 minute coaching session and unlimited email access for one month.  This is a great option for people who have already been through a coaching program and now want someone to keep them on track everyday.  Need a loving voice or a firm kick in the rear?  You let me know what works best for you and together, we can bring your health goals to life.  $200

Month-to-Month Membership–  Four 60 minute phone sessions per month to steadily make changes to the way you view food, working out and your body.  You will have unlimited access to me via email in between sessions and a stream of playwork to challenge you throughout.  $400

The Retreat– Six months of coaching every week.  This is an ideal package for a complete mind and body transformation.  We will whip your thoughts into shape and face fears you did not know were holding you back.  Hold on tight, this retreat is going to be a wild life changing ride!  $2400

Payment Options: 
All payments are completed using PayPal.
You have the option of paying in a lump sum or a weekly payment plan. 

6 responses to “Work With Me

  1. How much is your 6 week goal package? I’ve been reading your blogs and I really enjoy them. When you talked about food that is the first time I think you mentioned you had past eating issues. I have had many years of eating issues and haven’t had any therapy in years, can’t afford it but I wonder if I did your 6 week goal package, if I can afford it. If anything I get inspired reading your blogs. I am almost 50 and I use to be very active, but it’s harder now and I struggle with being really tired a lot.
    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  2. Where did you get your life coach certification from? It is in my goals to become legit and I am exploring all organizations…

  3. Hi Betsy! How can I get pricing information regarding your coaching services? Thank you!

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