Daily Archives: November 23, 2011

Day 45: Taking a Fall

This morning I went to CPY’s 6 a.m. level 2 class.  It was one of those morning where my poses were just going right and I was able to concentrate on my practice.   Or at least that was true until the instructor asked us to go into head stand.  Even as I was setting up for it I knew that something was off.  I could not get my head at the right angle and my hands were not cupping the back of my head in the proper way….

I thought I was just being overly suspicious of my ability to setup a head stand, until I kicked too hard and fell the opposite way, did a half somersault, knocked over my block and my water bottle and let out a laugh.  I am pretty sure it disrupted everyone around me.  Just so everyone knows, in those situations it’s ok to smile and laugh at the person who tumbled (at least it’s ok if you ever see me do it).  Not laughing and smiling just makes me feel even more awkward that I caused a scene.  So next time this happens to me or to anyone else, shoot them that “I know you’re better than that smile,” it will ease the embarrassment!

Day 44: Loving Monotony

In the last ten years I have lived in fifteen different places (please excuse me if I have already mentioned that in a previous blog-it blows my mind)!   Out of all of the places I have lived, Denver is the place that feels the most like home.  The day I moved back here I felt the roots starting to grow out of my feet and into the earth.   Once Michael comes home, I know those roots will just go deeper and deeper into the ground until our roots are completely tangled in the Colorado soil.

Today I ran the six-mile path from my house to Washington Park and home.  During my run I realized how familiar the streets, houses, paths, geese, sunshine and snow-capped mountains are becoming to me.  It’s a feeling that I have longed to recreate for the past two and a half years since I have been gone from Denver. It’s the feeling of knowing you are home.  Today’s run is the same run I will be doing in ten months and that’s one of the most beautiful things I could ask for.  Monotony can be boring to some, but at this moment in my life, I have never craved anything more.