Daily Archives: November 2, 2011

Day 24: I’m Sore

Today is my 24th consistent day of working out. I feel amazing,
but my body is sore and tired. I realized that during these first few weeks of
the challenge all of my negative thoughts about what it means when I miss a day
or two of working out have been eradicated. It has freed up my mind to think of
more positive and helpful thoughts. My mind is now consistently thinking about
how I am making myself a priority by showing up at my workouts.

“Showing up at my workouts,” probably sounds like a
strange statement. What I mean is that I have decided to give my best at every
workout. This challenge is meant to be hard and I am testing my body everyday
by trying a new yoga pose, running a faster mile and checking out a new
class/studio. By pushing myself, I am breaking my own boundaries and setting
myself free.

Today’s workout was an all level Vinyasa Flow at Kindness Yoga with my friend, Molly (I told you I would be taking advantage of that free week!). The instructors at these two studios do more than just teach a class, they actually teach life
lessons while explaining complicated poses with grace. If you have not tried
these studios, I truly recommend it. It could possibly be your yoga home in the

Day 23: Level 2/3

Yesterday I received a one week trial at Kindness yoga.  Therefore, the next six posts will all be about this amazing studio.  Today I was nervous to go because I decided to  try out my first Level 2/3 class (intermediate/advanced).  Again, my co-worker just happened to be in the same class…perhaps I have a stalker dressed head to toe in lululemon?  Hmm.

I have been practicing yoga for a year and a half and only practicing it consistently for the past eight months.  It has been in these past months that I have realized all the benefits of yoga. Not only does it stretch, tone and strengthen, but it clears my mind and makes me feel centered.  I look forward to seeing where my practice takes me this year and cannot even imagine where it will take me the rest of my life.  Namaste to you all.