Daily Archives: November 28, 2011

Day 50: A Walk in the Woods

Today I went hiking in Boulder with my friend Devon.  She was one of those people that I instantly connected with the first time that I met her a few months ago.  Her love for life is overwhelming contagious and she has a sense of adventure that is so much fun to be around.  Finding friends like her make moving seem like an easy thing to do!

Before we started off on the trail we walked into the information station at the bottom of Chataqua Park for guidance.  My Indiana University sweatshirt was greeted with a cheerful, “hello, fellow Hoosier!” and a story about the cheery parks’ man living in a teepee outside of IU for his senior year in college.  I bet he has crazier stories than Harry Caray!   Since the winds in Boulder were ridiculous today he showed us a trail that might block some of the wind and also be scenic.  We ended up hiking a little over three miles and took lots of fun pictures along the way.    I am still baffled by the lack of snow in the foothills and the exceptionally warm days as we head into December.

I am definitely not complaining, I am just hoping this is not going to affect the ski days that will (hopefully) take up lots of my workout days!  Bring on the snow dance….

Day 49: All The Single (Denver) Ladies

First off, I want to stress what a wonderful, handsome, smart, funny and loving fiance I have.  I could not build a better man if I tried, seriously.  Everyday I wake up loving him more than I loved him the day before and all of this is happening while he’s on the other side of the world!  I cannot even imagine how deeply happy we will be once we are physically living together again.

With that said, I want to share something with all of the single ladies looking to mingle (outside of a bar atmosphere).  At four o’clock today I ran two loops around Washington Park and was floored by the amount of men running, playing lacrosse/tennis, starting up soccer games, walking their dogs; all without women anywhere to be seen.  I was confused why women are not flocking here like the millions of geese taking over (they clearly are female geese).  Of course, not one of them could even hold the tiniest of flames to Michael and I truly mean that.  I figured I would do the women of Denver a solid and let them in on (what could be) a potential single hot spot.

So single ladies, do yourself a huge favor and put on some killer workout gear (lululemon will do just fine!) and grab a friend, dog, running shoes, lacrosse stick, tennis racket, bottle of Jack…whatever your poison and head to Washington Park.  Just bring a stack of cards with your digits on them because trust me, you will need them.