Day 31: Pretzel What?

There are many glories of living in an apartment complex with free internet,  one of them being that the internet NEVER works.  If you know me at all, then you know that I am pretty positive and that I am cheap.  This plays into the internet issue by me constantly thinking, “I bet the internet will work again tomorrow.”  And so goes the ongoing internet saga (and delayed posts)….until my hunky IT fiance comes home.

Yesterday I went to a bar class at Bar Method in Cherry Creek.  It astounds me that every time I go my comprehension of how to complete a bar class actually diminishes further.  There is no way that this is possible, but it makes me want to take my tight hips and run far away.   At least that’s what I am thinking during class.  As soon as it’s over my overly exhausted muscles are so happy that I stayed.

The instructor kept saying, “this is almost your last set,” and then I would be hit with more energy and try to move my pretzel’d leg (see photo of someone who is clearly not me doing this hard move) up a quarter-inch.  I find it interesting  how we respond to the promise of an end.   Like if I said, “this is your last time doing X,” how would you want to complete that task?  Why aren’t we more motivated to complete these tasks without thinking it could be the last time?   Is this just me that feels this way?

Don’t leave me hanging out here in slacker land all alone…

One response to “Day 31: Pretzel What?

  1. I am also a big slacker, but you know this so I don’t need to give you any examples…. what i will share is this: When I read the title, I thought you were going to write about pretzels. In the matter of 3 seconds, i thought “i wonder what kind of pretzel she had…. did she have cheese to dip it in… i have to tell her about the lean pocket pretzel roll i had for lunch… i wonder if she remembers when we used to eat a lot of pretzels together” …… had i paused before this, i would have realized that this is a workout blog… someday i’ll be as healthy/positive as you! keep it up!

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