Day 32: Cardio Love

Today I used my last guest pass at Pura Vida gym in Cherry Creek, aka “heaven.”  This is probably the most luxurious gym I have ever been in.  Not only is it beautiful to look at, but the staff is super friendly and helpful when a guest cannot figure out how to work a machine (me? maybe).  When I decide I am going to go there, I have to carve out a huge chunk of my day because I never want to leave.   Once my fiance, Mike, comes home from deployment we will be dating lots of differnt gyms and figuring out which one to join.  I am very hopeful that he falls in love with this gym too.

So after all that gushing maybe I should write about my workout?  I did an hour and 15 minutes of cardio (all while watching E! news), which included split time on the treadmill, the big stair-stepper thing and the elliptical.  And of course, I finished off with some light lifting and ab work.  I am really sore.  Maybe it’s time to invest in some epsom salt or a massage?

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