Days 248 & 249: Sacred i

Day 248:  Yesterday was one of those days when nothing sounded like a fun workout.  Do you ever have those?  If you don’t, then you can’t be human.  I decided to ride my bike to and from work and tag on an extra mile on both ends.  I also cut my break short and walked for 15 minutes.  Lastly, in between cleaning up our apartment, I threw in some jumping jacks, planks and push-ups.  So what was my workout?  I’m still not sure, but I did as much as my lackadaisical workout attitude needed.

This has absolutely nothing to do with my blog,  I just felt that it was my duty as a blogger to share this awkward 20 something awesomeness with the blogosphere. A few days ago I started watching the HBO show Girls and it has changed how I feel about relaxing and watching the toob.  In fact, I am trying to write this post really quickly so that I can squeeze in another episode before walking to work.

Day 249:  A few nights ago I had the honor to meet Diane Sieg,  at a lululemon charity event.  After I startled her with my almost abrasive excited question, “Are you Diane Sieg?” we chatted up a storm about how we both went to Indiana University, love yoga and life coaching because it makes us grow.  She then invited me to join her yoga class at Sacred i  today which primarily boasts “regulars.”  I was so in.  So in that I got there 20 minutes early and tried to keep myself busy by playing with yoga blocks and striking up a conversation with any willing practioner around me.

Diane opened up class asking the question, “do you remember what it felt like to fall in love?”   Heck yes I do, and I am not sure there is a better question in the world to bring me to a happy place.  Here I was, jammed into a small studio with 28 strangers around me and my mind and my heart immediately opened.  Mike…eyes….first kiss…his embrace…two weeks…”I know I love you.” Deep breath.

“Now, that love doesn’t always stay that intense or we would never get anything done.  After awhile that love takes commitment.  As does your practice.  Commit to love your practice on your mat.  Choose something you love about yourself and love it today.”  Today I loved how the second I walked into an unfamiliar studio I felt right at home.  I loved how my body moved without thought and my lungs breathed deep into my memories of my relationship.

After class my yoga partner during inversions asked, “see you next week?” as though our one flow by each other  now meant we are the newest addition to a “regular” Saturday class.   A comment like this usually scares me, but today, I knew that my newest friend was right.  I’d see her next week and hopefully many more to come.  #yogabliss

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  1. Nice!! And Diane Sieg IS a master!

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