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Days 230-232: Tie-Dyed Peace

Day 230:  On Monday I went to Core Power for a sculpt class.  I have not been to one in a while, so I will refresh your memory- hot room, weights, yoga poses and lots of sweat.  At one point I started seeing spots, so I dropped to my knees to help me regain some control.  After a 30 second break, I joined the rest of my classmates to finish up.  I made the declaration on that day that I was going to work really hard to have some seriously toned bridal guns for the wedding in 80 days.  In fact, I might need to get a license for these guns…

Day 231:  Yesterday I went for a bike ride on the Cherry Creek Trail.  When I ride alone I like to take my hybrid bike because I think that bike is less prone to flats (aka me getting stranded because I still do not know how to change a flat tire after six years of biking).   I listened to Adele radio on Pandora, sang out loud every now again when I thought nobody was around and pedaled my hybrid-bike-heart out for 90 minutes.

Day 232:   In 10 days 15 of my nearest and dearest gal pals will be in town for my bachelorette party and I want to make sure that I am working my tail off up until that alcohol infused weekend.  So I decided to take full advantage of the two-week trial membership that the Denver Athletic Club gave all the Colfax half-marathon participants.  Today, I got the official tour of quite possibly the largest gym/club I have ever been to.   The membership director even had me get on this large machine (no clue what it was called) that shakes so fast that supposedly it helps rid you of fat.  Actually, I made that up.  I have no clue what it is meant to do besides threaten a possible orgasm in front of Denver’s most elite gym goers.

After the tour I headed to one of the three locker rooms and threw on my tie-dyed swimsuit and headed to the pool.  I swam a little shy of a mile and was quickly reminded of why I used to love to swim.  I lose myself completely within  seconds of putting on my goggles.  All the noises go away under the water and I am left just to think about my strokes.   Speed up, slow down, flip, repeat.  It feels poetic to be able to lose a sense everything else going on.  If you used to swim and you have not done it in a while, then I challenge you to find a local pool and lose yourself.  It’s amazing how good it feels to find some quiet chlorine induced peace.

Fuel of the week:  Greek yogurt with blackberries and strawberries.

Days 226-229: Hiking and Anniversaries

Day 226:  On Thursday I went to a 5:30 vinyasa flow at Karma Yoga.  The instructor was inspirational, the class vibe was strong, the sun was shining in on my mat and my body felt like a yoga virgin.  It was a strange sensation to feel as though this was my first time experiencing most poses, but my pounding-pavement-half-marathon body wanted nothing to do with stretching and deep breaths.  I found myself falling out of simple poses, taking really shallow breaths and feeling really disconnected from my yogi self.  As I was feeling frustrated with my not so bendy body, I forgave my muscles.  After all, they were just tired, wanting a break and some serious attention.   Isn’t that when yoga is the best?  When the body needs a break, it’s there for you, along with your mat, your breath and the sun.  #shineonyogini

Day 227:  My friends and I were suppose to meet at Pura Vida for a bootcamp style class but we were all feeling like our bodies needed rest.  Instead, we met at Washington Park for a 4 mile walk and blasted through some abdominal work in the wet grass.

Day 228:  Yesterday Mike and I rode our bikes to a farmer’s market, noshed on some crepes and then powered home on our bikes.  We even managed to stock up on our weekly allotment of fruits and veggies!

Day 229:  Today, Mike and I are celebrating our two-year anniversary.  What can I say?  We move fast!   Two years ago I got a text from Mike while he was at Fleet Week in NYC that said, “I think I might like you as more than a friend.”   Nervous, excited and scared of my own feelings I had no idea how to respond.  After all, he’s in NYC celebrating his attractiveness in a Navy uniform, drinking with his buddies and I was sober and at work.  With my guard up, I sent a text back that said “That might be the booze talking, but if it’s not, then let’s talk when you get home.  PS I think I feel the same.”  Fast forward two years and we are planning our wedding, living in our dream city, buying a house, talking about future babies named Charlie and sharing our lives over coffee every single morning.

After our coffee talk this morning we headed to Golden and went for a hike.  We ran into at least a dozen deer and hiked for an hour and a half.  After that, we strolled around the squaint town while sipping on  (yet another) coffee and talking about our past few years.   Two years down, thousands of memories made and some of the best are yet to come.

Days 223-225: Every Relationship Needs Romance

Day 223:  Monday was the day after the half-marathon and I. Was. Sore.  My legs did not want to bend and my left knee felt like it had been stuck with a knife.  Working out was going to be difficult, regardless of what I chose to do.  I decided to call up a friend that could hold me accountable for my daily sweat.  We decided on a 90 minute walk in Washington Park to loosen up my legs.  Once I started going I felt totally fine, it was just initial movement that took some confidence to gain.

Day 224:  Yesterday it hit a record-breaking 96 degrees in Denver!   I walked in the morning for an hour before the heat took over and got out the last of the soreness in my legs.

Day 225:  As I was training for the half-marathon I forgot why I loved running.  The height of this anti-running part of my life was during the week of the 18o’s .   I went out to run I was feeling defeated by my own expectations.  All of my running “shoulds” were crowding my mind and making me lose sight of why I enjoyed the sport to begin with.

Sunday’s half-marathon was all I needed to remind me of why I want to keep this partnership in my life.  It was the roses, chocolate, romantic poem and loving kiss that I needed to revive my faith in the sport.  At first, there is a sense of camaraderie made out of nervous anticipation in the corrals, the collective happiness when my wave crosses the starting line, listening to the sounds of pounding feet on the pavement and the universal heavy breaths,  reading the inspirational signs made by complete strangers, high-fiving anyone who is willing, runners cheering on other runners as one of them loses strength, spectators cheering on their loved ones, watching every person complete some sort of goal and the best one- crossing the finish line and hugging my fiance, knowing that despite his own exhaustion of working all night, he was still there to watch me finish.
With all of the running butterflies lingering around and my soreness was completely gone, I decided to go for a run today.  I used my new foam roller before and after my short three-mile run to help alleviate the IT band pain.  Although the tenderness is still there, now I have decided to figure out how to rid myself of the pain and make running a bigger priority in my life.  That, my friends, is true romance for a sport.
*100% unrelated to my blog, I would like you all to know that today I got to shake President Obama’s hand.  That will go down as one of the greatest things I have had the opportunity to do in my life. 

Days 220-222: Half-Marathon, Full Joy

Day 220:  One hour walk around Washington Park and in Cherry Creek.

Day 221:  One hour of some home-made yoga flowing in my living room to help loosen me up for the half-marathon today.

Day 222:  Today I got up at 4:15 a.m. to make it to the starting line for the Colfax Half-Marathon at City Park.  It was only 43 degrees when I approached the starting line, but with so much going on around me I was able to quickly forget about the chilled air.

The race started at 6:00 a.m. and within three minutes of running my IT band started getting sore.  Luckily, it stayed only semi-sore the whole race and did not worsen as the miles added up.  The first six miles were on Colfax Avenue and to say that it was amusing is an understatement.  Awesome signs, great people watching, slightly scary abandoned buildings, odd smells and hilarious things being yelled by the spectators.   At mile seven the runners ran through a firehouse and the firemen were lined up to give us all high-fives.  A girls dream, right?  After that, I had a small epiphany that running is such a solitary sport, that it felt great to have some human contact along the way.  After the firemen, I decided to give every spectator with their hand out an overwhelming high-five.  Looking back, it might have added on a little time by zigzagging across the course to hit hands, but it was worth it for the amount excess energy it game me.

Throughout the race, I ran into a few different friends that were also running, which made me feel a sense of community and connection.  My favorite part of the race was at mile 12 when I turned a corner in City Park to see my fiance waiting with his camera.  It roused up the past bit of strength that I needed to finish the race.  I did not hit my goal time of under two hours, however, I am still proud that I finished with my knee feeling so weak.  I am already so excited to complete this race again next year with Mike, to train properly so that my knee feels better and to reach a new time goal.  Thanks to everyone who supported me throughout the racing season and I am sending you lots of running love as I am sure, you are about to head into your own summer running season.  May your knees stay strong and your body healthy!

Days 217-219: Asana’s and Rattlesnakes

Day 217:  On Tuesday I went for a 90 minute walk, while trying my best to catch up on phone conversations with friends and family. Although the catching up was not very successful, the 80 degree weather was incredibly successful in helping me sweat.

Day 218: Yesterday my friend Jenny and I went to Karma Yoga for the all levels vinyasa flow.  The instructor, Uma, had us dedicate our three opening “om’s” to ourselves, a friend and something in our community.  It helped me feel grounded to think of all the things in my life that I not only love, but feel gratitude for every single day.

Day 219: Today Mike and I rode our bikes 20 miles to the Cherry Creek Reservoir.   We averaged a pace of 14 mph going uphill the way there and 17 mph going downhill on the way home.  At one point we saw a man in the middle of the trail who had gotten off of his bike and was taking pictures.  Naturally, we slowed down to see what was so fascinating.  He was taking pictures of the longest and fattest snake I have seen in the wild.  It. Was. Huge. and Scary.  I am pretty sure I yelled, “oh hell no,” before my bike hit 22 mph to get out of there.  After we were a safe distance away I asked Mike if it was a rattle snake and he said it very well could have been.  I googled some pictures when I got home and I’m convinced that it was and am really hoping that I am able to calm that new-found snake fear before I head out for my next solo ride.


Days 213-216: Someday

Day 213:  Friday morning I went to Pura Vida for a 6 a.m. Anusara Yoga class for an event called, Pur-a-thon.  It was an all day fundraising event that benefit Brent’s Place,    The instructor, Roger Martin-Pressman, talked a lot about the people who have supported us throughout our lives and asked us to dedicate our practice to them.

My mind immediately went to a fellow life coach friend of mine, Rebecca, who has helped, inspired and led me through the last two years of my life.  Her love kept me strong when I felt weak and her words guided me through a new career and lots of uncertainty.   I sent her all the energy that I could in every pose and my body felt spent after the 60 minute practice.  The next day my body was sore, but I felt like I had tapped into strength.   The strength that had guided me through the past few years and had given me a voice to lead myself without doubt.

Day 214:  One hour walk around my neighborhood.  I am officially taking a break from running and tough workouts to let my body recuperate before my half-marathon on Sunday.

Day 215:  Yesterday I went to Edwards, CO with my friend Jenny for some quality girl time.  We walked out her back door and into some of the most beautiful landscape that I have seen in a longtime; snow-capped mountains, thousands of rows of bright green Aspen trees and more Pine trees than the eye could take in.  It took my breath away.

We hiked for almost an hour and as we were headed home we hit a steep downward hill.  I turned to Jenny and said, “make sure to dig into the hill with the side of your shoe, it will keep you from falling.”  Not even one second after that awesome tip, I fell hard and ungracefully on the side of my body.   We laughed for a few minutes and then I collected my pride up off the side of the mountain and called it a day.

Day 216:  This morning Jenny and I went for another hike around Edwards while we sipped our hot coffees.  I made the promise to myself that some day Mike and I will live in the mountains again.  They are too beautiful not to live in, retire in and play in every single day.  Someday…I promise.

Days 211 & 212: Park Mecca

Day 211:  Yesterday my friend, Sangeeta and I went for a five-mile walk at Washington Park.   Again, I apologize for the lack of diversity of where I choose workout.  The Park is beautiful and it makes me so happy whenever I go.  Thus, I’ll continue to go until we move out of the city in the Fall.

Day 212:  I just got back from a five-mile run at Washington Park and am attempting to use “the stick” to roll out my leg.  I believe it’s purpose is very similar to a foam roller, except you can actually roll it over your sore leg instead of using your body weight to press down on it.   Unfortunately I’m really having issues with the IT band in my left leg and it’s making running incredibly painful.  Normally,  I would take a break from pounding the pavement, but I have a half-marathon to run in two weeks.  Until then, I’ll keep stretching, rolling the stick and taking ibprofen to help me get through it!  After that, I anticipate a much needed running break.

Days 209 & 210: Foam Rolling Enemy

Day 209:  Yesterday I went to checkout Powerhouse Gym to see if I could finally commit to a gym membership.  It’s exactly T minus 100 days until the wedding and my bridal guns could use a consistent weight lifting routine.  I ran for 30 minutes on the treadmill and then did 15 minutes on a machine called the Summit Trainer.  Has anyone heard of this?  I thought it was an elliptical machine when I got on, but my strangely moving body did not want to quickly get off and embarrass my less than knowledgeable gym-rat self.  The machine was a hybrid between a stair-stepper, elliptical and the devil.  I sweat more during those 15 minutes than I have in a hot yoga class.  There was a pool underneath me and the elevated machine made me feel as though all the regular gym goers were laughing at my man-made lake.

After I collected my wits off the floor, I headed over to the free-weight area and lifted for thirty minutes (still sweating through everything I had on).  Finally, I finished up with some foam rolling and abdominal action in an empty workout room in the back of the gym.  The ab workout was nothing special.  The foam roller, was a different story.  If you do not know what a foam roller is, then I highly recommend asking a trainer at your gym to show you how to use it.  Here

It’s primary use is to use your body-weight to massage out any pain in tender/sore muscles.  My orthopedic surgeon brother recommended I start using one on a regular basis (again).  I have not used one in almost three years and OH.MY.GOSH did it hurt.  I winced in pain as I slowly rolled the foam down my IT band on the left leg and then the right leg.  Holy cow.  I don’t get why it helps just yet, but I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my IT band if I continue to use it.

Day 210:  Today Mike and I rode our bikes to REI to gawk at the expensive camping gear and then biked our happy selves back home.  The 45 minute ride was enough to make me sweat there and back while spending some much-needed time with my man.

Days 205-208: Flowing Freely

Day 205:  On Thursday I thought that all of my post ten-mile run soreness had been rested away- I was just a little bit wrong.  I ran a mile, walked for a minute, stretched a bit, ran a block, walked, stretched  and continued this pattern for the next 40 minutes.  It was a meek attempt to run, but I tried my darndest and clocked my daily sweat time.

Day 206:  Friday morning, I yoga’d at Karma Yoga for 90 blissful minutes.  The instructor had a way of helping me lose my thoughts and dive into my body.  I wish that was a place I could get to on my own.  I suppose that’s why they call yoga a practice.  It takes time…much, much time.

Day 207:  Yesterday I picked up my friend Sarah for an impromptu hike.  I grabbed my Denver hiking book and found a trail in Mount Falcon Park by  Morrison that was said to have breathtaking views.   We set out to complete a 80 minute hike and instead, ended up a bit lost and it turned into a 130 minute hike.  Around 75 minutes in we asked a fellow hiker how to get back to where we started, he chuckled and said “you guys must have been booking it down here because you are really far away.”  After that, we got a little nervous and picked up our pace a bit more and headed back the same way we came- giving up on the trail we were originally searching for.

Almost at the end of our hike we ran into three female deer.  They stopped eating grass to stare at us, the same way we were staring at them.  I happen to think that deer are one of the most beautiful animals because of how peaceful they always seem.  Being so close to them and nature literally took my breath away.  Two hours prior to that I was in the heart of the city and worrying about traffic and dinner and at that exact moment my only thought was how glorious nature truly is.  I am humbled to be able to live somewhere that allows such easy access to places that allow me to escape.

Day 208:  Today I was L.A.Z.Y.  I cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped and read…a lot.  That last thing I wanted to do was get off my rear, put down my salacious book and start to sweat.  Alas, it had to be done!  I threw on some Bob Marley, grabbed my yoga mat and flowed to my own breath for an hour.  I tried to lose myself a bit like I had the two previous days, but I kept being brought back into my life.  My cat rubbing on my feet (and face, hands, calves, etc), the oven timer going off telling me that my dinner was done, my phone vibrating, neighbors laughing, car doors slamming….I just could not get out of my life.

That’s when it struck me, sometimes my life is just perfect and being it in so fully is all I need to feel happy.  Life is about the ebb and flow, being able to disconnect some days is wonderful and being 100% immersed other days is also perfection.  Learning to be content with the variety and present in the moment is the challenge.

Days 202-204: Stopping Soreness

Day 202:  The day after the 10 mile race was a little rough.  Well, maybe more than a little rough.  My IT band/knee did not want to move without a mandatory wince and my thighs quivered with every step.  How the heck was I supposed to workout!?

I decided on an extra hot yoga class at Core Power Yoga and went 15 minutes early to let my muscles relax.   Some poses felt amazing and some felt like a knife slipping in my muscles (maybe in a good way?  I’m still not sure).  Regardless of the discomfort that I was in, I knew that I’d feel ten times better afterwards….and that I did.

Day 203:  My friend, Sarah and I went to Washington Park for a five-mile walk.  Most of my soreness was worked out during the walk and the remainder of whatever emotional strain I was feeling for the prior week was fading as well.

Day 204:  Today I had my first massage in two years and it. felt. amazing.  My body was craving some muscle relaxation, stress relief and down time.  After that, I felt spent (yes, spent from relaxing…it’s possible and I recommend it to everyone)!   Mike and I went to Washington Park, held hands, walked for 90 minutes and laughed at every dog around.  It was a great end to a perfect day.