Day 83: Dream Big

I have run 10 miles four times in my life, new years day 2012 was the fourth time.  Mike and I both planned to  run 10 miles in our respective parts of the US.  I believe he did it to support me and I decided to do it for a lot of other reasons.  In the past few years I have become very dependent on class instructors to motivate me and have lost some of my intrinsic motivation in the process.  This year, I want to motivate myself more.

That was why I chose to start 2012 with the longest run I have completed in almost two years.  I averaged a 9 minute 30 second pace, which is an entire minute faster than the last time I ran 10 miles.  It was also 23 degrees with a windchill that made it feel like 16 degrees.   I found it really hard to move my legs for the first 3-4 miles, after that, I felt good.  Around mile 7.5 the sweat on my body starting getting really cold, I could feel my body overheating and freezing all at once.  It was such an odd sensation.  The thought that kept hovering in my mind was “when you’re done, you’re going to be so proud.”  Which I was.  Well that and that I got to eat Hank’s Eggs with my best friend at Lucille’s when I was done.  I kept my thoughts light, gentle and self-loving the whole time and it made my entire run seem so peaceful.

Since it is New Year’s Day, I thought I should throw a nugget in on resolutions.  Resolutions can be a wonderful thing, but most of the time people end up letting go of their resolutions quickly for whatever reason.  So I challenge you this year, not to set any resolutions, rather set an intention to make a commitment to yourself.  Whatever a commitment to yourself means, set it and stick to it.  The smaller the better.  You will be surprised what a difference a small commitment can make in your life.

I am going to share with you some of my goals for this next year:

  • Run the Colfax half-marathon in May
  • Work in one crossift class per week with Mike
  • Hold a yogi head stand for two minutes
  • Post higher quality pictures on my blog
  • Workout with Al Roker on The Today Show

Those are just a handful of things I’d like to do in 2012.  I will spare you the details on the rest of them 🙂   This is the first year that my #1 goal was not “lose X pounds.”  I’d really like to congratulate myself for not putting that on there.  As a woman, I would always like to lose a few pounds, so it’s not that I do not want it to happen.  It didn’t make the list because it’s not a priority in my life.  My priority is to remain healthy, live a life full of integrity and be happy with what I have.  If I lose weight, great, if I don’t, then my body must be happy where it is.  Well that or I have had one too many plate of Hank’s Eggs from Lucille’s…

Happy 2012 goal setting!  Take small steps and dream big.

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