Day 93: Nostalgia

Typically my workouts consist of a yoga/running combination, but due to a long trip across the country my version of working out is going to vary everyday.  This morning I went on an hour-long walk with a friend through downtown DC and past the White House.  What I love about this city is all of the historical buildings, unique architecture and the thousands of companies headquarters.  It just makes walking seem more fun since my mind is busier than the multiple Occupy DC sites we passed. 

After the walk my fiance and I picked up a 16 foot moving truck and emptied out the storage unit that my life has been sitting in for the past seventeen months.  I was feeling very nostalgic for parts of my past while looking at my belongings covered in cobwebs and dust.  However, the nostalgia quickly passed when I glanced up and saw my fiance carrying all of my heavy boxes.  My future, carrying my past.  It was actually a comforting thought to think about and a beautiful thing to watch- and not just because he was carrying the heavy things.   Tomorrow we leave for a stint in our hometown of Columbus, OH before making the trek back to Denver.  More friends, family and loved ones to come and I could not be more thrilled.

*A tip to Denver readers:  if you have been wanting to tryout a barre class then checkout today’s Groupon for Purre Barre:

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