Days 86 & 87: Home

Day 86:  Yesterday I got to see Michael for the first time in six months!  It was the reunion that we have been waiting for the past year and it was perfect in every way.  Enough said.

The workout, however, was not.  I had to get at 3 a.m. to get in 35 minutes of yoga.  Well when I say “get up” it implies that I had actually fallen asleep, which I had not because of the massive amounts of anticipation.  My flow was actually decent considering this.  I realized that my balance at 3:10 a.m. is better than what it is at a normal hour of the day, or maybe it was a fluke?  Either way, I hope that I never have to try that out again to find out.

Day 87:  Today we went to the Navy Fitness Center on the Naval Base in Norfolk, VA and did our own respective workouts.  Michael powered through an hour on the bike and I did 40 minutes on the elliptical and 20 minutes of weight lifting.  We finished out our workout by playing a game of “Pig” on the basketball court….and I won.  My guess is that he let me win, after all, I did send a lot of gummy bear stocked care packages this past year!

We rounded out our sunny day with a fun walk on the beach with our new buddy Poseidon and some chocolate treats.  I have a feeling that everyday is going to feel like this for awhile; sunny and filled with sweet things that make me happy.

6 responses to “Days 86 & 87: Home

  1. Love it… i saw the first pic and thought “i better buy mike some sunglasses as a welcome home present” Good to know that was remedied by beach walking time…. i’ve never seen your smile brighter or bigger… not even when you caught a glimpse of frosted tips… so happy for the most beautiful (inside and out) couple ever

  2. Welcome Home to your sweetheart Mike. I am so happy for both of you and myself too. I am excited to see the two of you and all your wonderful energy.

    You two are just A…Dorable!


  3. Manny Rodrigues

    YAY! ❤

  4. I can see your zygomaticus major and risorius muscles are getting an extraordinary workout – so are mine. We are all so happy for you guys.

  5. I’m sure Mike knows he was missed!

    We had a day on a beach once when my husband had 12 hours off from school. I drew our initials in the sand and a heart around it. Loving love.

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