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Days 237-239: Single Sweats

Day 237:  On Monday afternoon Michael and I went to the Denver Athletic Club for a 90 minute sweat sesh.  Mike started with free weights and eventually retreated to the pool and I tackled the treadmill ended up with some weights.  For the first time in four years I did some squats with a barbel and weights.  Can you tell this type of working out has become foreign to me lately?   I think I even let out a loud grunt at one point.  It felt awesome to become acquainted with the weight room after many-a-years away.

Day 238:  Yesterday I went to Core Power Yoga for a sculpt class at 7:15 a.m. for an hour of toning, cardio and yoga.

Day 239:  Today marked the beginning of my bachelorette party weekend.  My first friend, Emma, came to town bright and early.  Unfortunately, with the tornado warnings and hail the size of my cat we have glued our butts to the couch for the rest of the night.  However, I did manage to get in an hour of lifting and 30 minutes of cardio at the DAC this morning.

Next up?  Four gal pals come in tomorrow, followed by eight more on Friday.  I am hoping that my friends will take over the blog writing for the weekend and fill you in on all the sweating that will be going on in Vail.  WHOO HOO!!!!!