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Days 205-208: Flowing Freely

Day 205:  On Thursday I thought that all of my post ten-mile run soreness had been rested away- I was just a little bit wrong.  I ran a mile, walked for a minute, stretched a bit, ran a block, walked, stretched  and continued this pattern for the next 40 minutes.  It was a meek attempt to run, but I tried my darndest and clocked my daily sweat time.

Day 206:  Friday morning, I yoga’d at Karma Yoga for 90 blissful minutes.  The instructor had a way of helping me lose my thoughts and dive into my body.  I wish that was a place I could get to on my own.  I suppose that’s why they call yoga a practice.  It takes time…much, much time.

Day 207:  Yesterday I picked up my friend Sarah for an impromptu hike.  I grabbed my Denver hiking book and found a trail in Mount Falcon Park by  Morrison that was said to have breathtaking views.   We set out to complete a 80 minute hike and instead, ended up a bit lost and it turned into a 130 minute hike.  Around 75 minutes in we asked a fellow hiker how to get back to where we started, he chuckled and said “you guys must have been booking it down here because you are really far away.”  After that, we got a little nervous and picked up our pace a bit more and headed back the same way we came- giving up on the trail we were originally searching for.

Almost at the end of our hike we ran into three female deer.  They stopped eating grass to stare at us, the same way we were staring at them.  I happen to think that deer are one of the most beautiful animals because of how peaceful they always seem.  Being so close to them and nature literally took my breath away.  Two hours prior to that I was in the heart of the city and worrying about traffic and dinner and at that exact moment my only thought was how glorious nature truly is.  I am humbled to be able to live somewhere that allows such easy access to places that allow me to escape.

Day 208:  Today I was L.A.Z.Y.  I cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped and read…a lot.  That last thing I wanted to do was get off my rear, put down my salacious book and start to sweat.  Alas, it had to be done!  I threw on some Bob Marley, grabbed my yoga mat and flowed to my own breath for an hour.  I tried to lose myself a bit like I had the two previous days, but I kept being brought back into my life.  My cat rubbing on my feet (and face, hands, calves, etc), the oven timer going off telling me that my dinner was done, my phone vibrating, neighbors laughing, car doors slamming….I just could not get out of my life.

That’s when it struck me, sometimes my life is just perfect and being it in so fully is all I need to feel happy.  Life is about the ebb and flow, being able to disconnect some days is wonderful and being 100% immersed other days is also perfection.  Learning to be content with the variety and present in the moment is the challenge.

Days 202-204: Stopping Soreness

Day 202:  The day after the 10 mile race was a little rough.  Well, maybe more than a little rough.  My IT band/knee did not want to move without a mandatory wince and my thighs quivered with every step.  How the heck was I supposed to workout!?

I decided on an extra hot yoga class at Core Power Yoga and went 15 minutes early to let my muscles relax.   Some poses felt amazing and some felt like a knife slipping in my muscles (maybe in a good way?  I’m still not sure).  Regardless of the discomfort that I was in, I knew that I’d feel ten times better afterwards….and that I did.

Day 203:  My friend, Sarah and I went to Washington Park for a five-mile walk.  Most of my soreness was worked out during the walk and the remainder of whatever emotional strain I was feeling for the prior week was fading as well.

Day 204:  Today I had my first massage in two years and it. felt. amazing.  My body was craving some muscle relaxation, stress relief and down time.  After that, I felt spent (yes, spent from relaxing…it’s possible and I recommend it to everyone)!   Mike and I went to Washington Park, held hands, walked for 90 minutes and laughed at every dog around.  It was a great end to a perfect day.