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Days 160-162: Self-love

Day 160:  On Monday I went to Karma Yoga with a pal and her husband.  Our favorite instructor was out for the day and we had a sub teacher instead, unfortunately my om’d out yoga mind slipped on her name.  It was as if this wonderful instructor listened in all the conversations that I’ve been having with my clients lately.   She said that “the root of all love begins with self-love.”  Simply and beautifully said.  Where do you get without loving yourself?  Some days that may feel like a challenge, but once you figure out how, I promise that you will leave self-loathing far behind.  Her delivery of that statement made me give her a thumbs up during child’s pose and then I allowed that thought to settle deep down in.

Day 161:  Yesterday was one of the colder days we’ve had in Denver for a while and the chilly air forced me to stay inside and play with our TRX.  I completed a fourty minute workout and tried to coax my inner cross-fitter to the surface.  It felt great while doing it, but left my body feeling sore and abused afterwards.

Day 162:  I just got back from a C2 class at Core Power Yoga and had a seriously fantastic instructor, Haylee*.  She had us in crow pose three different times and in headstands twice.  It was the type of class that made my body quiver from intensity and in return, that was able to quiet my mind.  Killer combo, happy body and even happier chilled out mind.

*I love almost every yoga instructor out there because they teach with their hearts and that’s one beautiful thing.