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Days 273 & 274: Loss

Day 273:  Yesterday I went to a local yoga studio for a 75 minute vinyasa flow and expected to come out stretched and relaxed.  What I came out with was way more than that.  I left class with a heart full of love, gratitude, sadness and definitely some anger.  All of which took me by surprise and led me to some peace.

The instructor started off class by saying, “I am going through a very difficult time right now, so please, please stick with me.”  I was not sure what was going on, but I could hear the sadness in her voice.  Immediately, I devoted my practice to giving her strength and love.  Eventually she shared with us the very sad news of losing her partner last week and the pain she was feeling.  Throughout the class she talked to us about what grief looks like and how we can prepare ourselves better for loss by becoming strong individuals that know how to look inward during rough times.  She then gave the metaphor of life being like a water balloon, when the balloon pops, the water is soaked up into the environment.  When the vessel leaves, we take in the essence of the person and they live on.  I was left breathless in class that is supposed to bring breath.  This woman just lost the love of her life and she’s teaching us how to deal with the pain.  She took selflessness to a level I have never experienced before.

After hugs at the end of class, I went out to my car and cried.  I cried for her,  for everyone I have lost in my life and everyone that anyone has lost.  The tears just kept flowing.  They must have really needed to flow out because they kept coming back all day and teaching me something with every new flood.

Thankfully, they stopped and I was able to piece together what the sources were.  Sometimes things happen or people get put in our path for a reason.  Not only is this amazing instructor in my life to teach a practice, she is also fiercely helping me clear my path to find focus on things that actually matter.

My heart is with her as she heals and I am ever grateful for that path…

Day 274:  Today I used my first class of unlimited yoga at Core Power to try our their Yoga Sculpt Cardio class (no weights, just cardio).  Oh. My. Goodness.  I know that I say this quite frequently, but I am going to say it again, that might have been one of the hardest classes I have ever been to.  I suppose the light-headedness might have had something to do with it, but it would have been challenging regardless.  If you’re looking to get into shape quickly, then I highly recommend adding this class to your regimen.  I am actually getting tired just thinking of it…phew.