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Day 35 & 36: Toughening Up

Day 35: Some days my heart is not into working out and some days I can get into it just by trying.  Unfortunately, the latter is true of my workout yesterday.  I went to Core Power Yoga for a C2 class and could not quite get any pose into any poses’ full expression, I kept losing my balance and could not keep a clear mind.  I left feeling frustrated and sad, but reminded myself that there will always be days like this.  Gently, I told myself how important it is not to let my crappy days carry into my other days.  So I visualized letting that workout go the second I left the studio.

Day 36: Today being a clean slate I decided to go to a lululemon “class in mass” (a group of co-workers go to a class together) at Pure Barre in Cherry Creek.  Those classes always overly beat up my hips and let me know that I am not that flexible.  They are killer workouts and I always love the way I feel the second it’s over, but I do not think that there is a minute that goes by in class that I’m enjoying myself.  I actually caught myself snarling in the mirror at one point.   However, if I do continue to go consistently I guarantee that my hips will be thrilled that they are missing some extra love and my arms will be stoked that the jiggle has stopped.

After two days of rough workouts I am going to do my favorite workout tomorrow.  Whatever workout feels like an overly joyous activity tomorrow I will complete….and love it, with every muscle fiber in my bod.