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Days 298-300: Power of Positivity

Day 298: On Thursday afternoon I was starting to feel like myself again after the latest stomach battle.  Thank goodness I was, because my body was going through yoga sculpt withdraw.  Before I left for class a friend of mine sent me this article, Words Can Change Your Brain:  The Most Dangerous Word In The World

Did you click on the article?  If not,  Do. It. Now!  Seriously, it’s some powerful stuff.  The article helped to get my mind into a positive place before class.  I walked to the my local CPY and told myself, “i’m going to be awesome today.”  Not only was the class awesome, I felt so strong….for 30 minutes.   At exactly the 30 minute mark I hit a wall.  I got light-headed and felt nauseous.  I made it through the last 30 minutes, but did not feel in tune with my body at all.  Despite the power of positive thoughts, my body took over.  Could there ever be a bigger battle?  Mind vs. body.   The real challenge is figuring out how to make the two in sync with one another.  That’s the learning curve that is ever-changing and so wonderful to allow yourself to tune into.

Day 299:  Yesterday I ran in Wash Park for 30 minutes and then did 20 minutes of my own “bootcamp.”  I figured that I have done enough of them that I could lead myself through one.  This could not be further from the truth!  For some reason the only exercises I could come up with were lunges, planks and push-ups.  So that is basically what I did over and over again until my 20 minutes was up.   If you happened to see me yesterday in the park, I hope it made you smile 🙂

Day 300:  DAY 300!!!!!  Whoo hoo!  Only 65 days to go.   Where the heck has the time gone?  This morning I went to a power yoga class with a friend and then to City O’ City for a cup of joe afterwards.  The combo of sweat, deep breathing and good conversation helped make day 300 a fantastic one!

Day 94: Snowy With A Chance of Sweat

At 6:45 a.m. my friend Laura and I went to Down Dog Yoga in Georgetown.  Down Dog is a Baptiste style yoga studio that cranks the heat to 95 degrees and has around 50% humidity to enhance a yogi’s bendy practice.  I immediately started to sweat and within 15 minutes of class starting I had a puddle forming on my mat.  The  sweat eventually dripped into my eyes, ears and mouth; each salty drop was met with a contentment.  The happiness was not only because I would be done sweating for the day before 8 a.m., rather it was the reflecting on the first time I timidly stepped into that studio two years ago with no yoga background- terrified of power yoga, yogi’s and tight clothing.  Today I boasted strong backbends, powerful warrior’s and comfortably sported a tight shirt while practicing next to a peaceful friend.   The way that life changes over time truly astouds me.

After practice finished, I quickly made my way home to say goodbye to my family and get on the road to Ohio.  Mike and I finally pulled into his parent’s driveway after eight hours on the road and the threat of treacherous driving conditions the last two hours.   It looks like tomorrow’s workout might include some playing in the snow or at least shoveling the driveway a few times throughout the day.  OH (IO), how I missed you!!