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Love Extra Hard

Happy Everything to you and your loved ones! journey

Day of Peace

I have gone back and forth on whether I should write a post about the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  There have been so many beautiful articles written about the lives lost and how to continue down the road of healing.  What could I possibly offer that has not already been said hundreds of times? 

I am not sure.  But what I can offer is more love and prayers going out to the loved ones who have been affected and daily meditational peace being sent to thereaching-out-L-g3Y2Kjm from Colorado.  I know that it is not just me, it is everyone that has felt the pain of this tragedy.   Everyone watches the news and thinks “this could have been us, this could have been in my backyard.”  Unfortunately, it has been in the Colorado backyard too many times.   As a community, we know all too well the type of grief that Newtown is feeling.  I have a hunch that there are millions of beautiful prayers being sent daily to Connecticut from this lovely state. 

I have heard some say that sending love and prayers is not enough.  We need action.  I agree, action needs to be taken.  The real question is, “what kind?”.   My hope is that something happens, but not until all of these beautiful souls have been laid to rest.  Let us all come together in peace and send them off to a better place with all the love we can muster up. 

Coloradoans, if you are looking for a way to help heal some wounds, then checkout this event: http://www.coloradodayofpeace.org/ 

*Picture from the Colorado Day of Peace website.

Day 82: Peace 2012

“Do not stress over the future or worry about the past, stay present in this moment,” said Sherif my new favorite yoga instructor at Core Power Yoga.  Sherif focused on keeping the students minds present in the moment, exhaling anything negative from 2011 and breathing in positive thoughts for 2012.  With his beautifully inspiring words, it’s no wonder his New Year’s Eve class reached 65 students.  It amazed me that so many yogi’s came out to practice on this holiday and seal their year with something encouraging and positive.

I set the intention of my practice to this small mantra “peace 2012.”  I visited the mantra over and over again during my practice to remind me of what I am striving for the most in my life.  Peace means different things to everyone.  Although the inner beauty pageant girl in me would love to say that I want world peace, that’s not actually what I am referring to.  As nice as world peace would be, I’m not sure that it would create peace in myself.  Peace to me means to find wiggle room with any inner struggles that I have in my personal life, become more in synch with my friends/family/loved ones needs and vice versa.  That’s it.  Peace.  Beautiful, calm, intentional peace.

What would you let go of from 2011 and bring more of into your life in 2012?

Happy New Year!  I am so grateful for you.