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Days 98 & 99: Buckeye Memories

Day 98:  After three straight days in a gym my body had a serious hankering for some good yoga.  I could not remember a yoga studio anywhere in my hometown, so I headed to google for support. I found a studio called Pai Yoga that is located in my old ballet studio from when I was a tiny tot-  point for nostalgic purposes!

I was putting my things away in the locker room area when I ran into an adolescent friend that I have not seen in almost ten years.  We partook in the girly “NO WAY!” and then hugged for a little too long while anxious yogi’s waited to get by us.  To make it even better, her never aging Mother was also going to practice with us.  For the first time since I left Dublin eleven years ago, I was sad to have not stayed in Buckeye country.  I found my mind wandering during my practice to a place of hometown bliss.   I love my life in Colorado, but practicing sweaty yoga next to two of the finest women in Dublin made me think twice about someday moving back.

Thank you Powell women for opening my eyes to the awesomeness that hosts the famous cement cornfields.

Day 99:  Ohio has strange weather.  This morning I woke up to 40 degree thunderstorms which later turned into a sunny 55 degrees.  Mike and I took advantage of the break in bleakness and headed out for a run.  Since we are staying in his old stomping grounds he led the way to a “surprise” destination.  I was so excited that I wanted to bring my camera with me, thinking it was going to be romantic.  Silly me.  We ran two miles to the elementary school that I broke my two front teeth in at age eight.  Thanks for the romantic memories Mike!

Now it’s 28 degrees, windy and snowing.  I suppose the weather is helping the nostalgia wear off a smidge bit.  I can almost hear the sunny days of Colorado beckoning us home.