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Days 263 & 264: Adapt, Adapt, Adapt

Day 263:  Yesterday I learned a very important lesson on my bike ride into work; 28 year olds fall harder off of bikes than 4 year olds.  I was on my trusty hybrid bike without clip-in’s and I went to make a quick turn and fell….hard.  My bike flipped over me and my helmet whacked the ground.  I am ashamed to admit that my first thought was, “did anyone see that?”  Yes.  Yes, they did.  Someone and his great dane ran towards me and I mustered up an embarassing, “I’m okay, but my ego is busted.”  That receieved the laugh that I need to hear whenever I feel embarassed.  I got up, checked my injuries, looked around for my dignity, slid my chain back on my gears and pedaled into work.

Thankfully, I was only left with a few bruises and a swollen ankle from my bike fall.  But the swollen ankle meant I had to revise my workout of running for the day.  I decided on walking to Kindness Yoga after I got done at work.  I took a 75 minute vinyasa flow with a local favorite, Nick Wilder.  He started off class with an apology for not having planned a class for the day.  His previous job ran late, which left him without time to prepare anything.  Nick laughed off his lack of preparation, asked for requests and led us through a practice with inspiring words of adapting.  He turned something that others might view as bad, to something extraordinary….with 20 students watching and hanging onto his every word.  #yogainspiration

Day 264:  I would like to report that today I rode my bike to and from work without any spills.  I even managed to ice my ankle last night and go for a run after leaving lululemon this evening.  Even though I ran at 7:30 pm, it was still a muggy 87 degrees outside.  Woof.  I am not sure how people successfully run in this heat.  My goal was to run three quick miles and then return home to the air conditioner.   The goal was met, although I am starting to feel weary about my abilities to run outside for the rest of the summer.  Any tips from you running readers?

Days 226-229: Hiking and Anniversaries

Day 226:  On Thursday I went to a 5:30 vinyasa flow at Karma Yoga.  The instructor was inspirational, the class vibe was strong, the sun was shining in on my mat and my body felt like a yoga virgin.  It was a strange sensation to feel as though this was my first time experiencing most poses, but my pounding-pavement-half-marathon body wanted nothing to do with stretching and deep breaths.  I found myself falling out of simple poses, taking really shallow breaths and feeling really disconnected from my yogi self.  As I was feeling frustrated with my not so bendy body, I forgave my muscles.  After all, they were just tired, wanting a break and some serious attention.   Isn’t that when yoga is the best?  When the body needs a break, it’s there for you, along with your mat, your breath and the sun.  #shineonyogini

Day 227:  My friends and I were suppose to meet at Pura Vida for a bootcamp style class but we were all feeling like our bodies needed rest.  Instead, we met at Washington Park for a 4 mile walk and blasted through some abdominal work in the wet grass.

Day 228:  Yesterday Mike and I rode our bikes to a farmer’s market, noshed on some crepes and then powered home on our bikes.  We even managed to stock up on our weekly allotment of fruits and veggies!

Day 229:  Today, Mike and I are celebrating our two-year anniversary.  What can I say?  We move fast!   Two years ago I got a text from Mike while he was at Fleet Week in NYC that said, “I think I might like you as more than a friend.”   Nervous, excited and scared of my own feelings I had no idea how to respond.  After all, he’s in NYC celebrating his attractiveness in a Navy uniform, drinking with his buddies and I was sober and at work.  With my guard up, I sent a text back that said “That might be the booze talking, but if it’s not, then let’s talk when you get home.  PS I think I feel the same.”  Fast forward two years and we are planning our wedding, living in our dream city, buying a house, talking about future babies named Charlie and sharing our lives over coffee every single morning.

After our coffee talk this morning we headed to Golden and went for a hike.  We ran into at least a dozen deer and hiked for an hour and a half.  After that, we strolled around the squaint town while sipping on  (yet another) coffee and talking about our past few years.   Two years down, thousands of memories made and some of the best are yet to come.

Days 151-153: Saving Sunlight

Day 151:  On Saturday morning my gal pal, Jenny, and I went to Kindness Yoga in Cherry Creek for a “kinda hot” yoga class.  Thirty minutes into the class the instructor asked me if I had ever practiced that type of yoga before (I have, lots of times), after that, my ego clouded my mind with thoughts of doubt in my practice.  I have been practicing yoga for two years and my ego felt defeated.  I had to hold back my thoughts and remind myself that yoga is not about skill level, it’s about being able to quiet my mind and look deeper inside.    Realllllll deep….. 🙂

Day 152: Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of a horrific event that shook my life, the lives of my friends, co-workers and a close-knit community.  There were feelings of extreme sadness, fear, doubt, bewilderment and every other emotion on the spectrum.  March 11th would now be marked as a day that changed the lives of many loved ones and my own self.

I walked two miles into lululemon and thought about all of the emotions that I felt one year ago.  The fear rushed back into my body quicker than I imagined, but it was replaced with a sense of peace in knowing that this year has come to a close.  Regardless of the closure, there is no manual on how one should feel when going through a traumatic event.  The feelings still overwhelm me to think about, so I tackle them one by one…at an incredibly slow and manageable pace.

So how did I sweat on that dreadful one year mark?  I practiced yoga with six other lululemons and with an outstanding instructor, Roger Martin-Pressman.  Roger talked about daylight savings and the theme of our class was how to “save sunlight” in our lives.  It seemed incredibly fitting, seeing as how last year it felt like sunlight was briefly taken away.  He said that in order to bring light into our lives we have to be able to embrace the dark.  Embrace the dark- sometimes that’s incredibly hard to do.  Without the dark, the sun wouldn’t be so welcomed and spectacular.  Although there are some things that take place in life that we will never understand, I can find peace in loving the light and knowing that beautiful souls in heaven contribute to the light the warm our lives.

Day 153:  Today Mike and I skied in Keystone for two hours in the morning and then came back to the hot sunny Denver and hopped on our road bikes for ten miles.  Ski boots + riding shoes (in the same day) =  #coloradorocksmyworld.

Days 128-130: Makin’ It Happen

Day 128:  On Wednesday I walked a little less than two miles to Kindness Yoga in Cherry Creek for an all levels vinyasa flow.  It was the perfect class for a sunny day.

Day 129:  Yesterday my childhood best friend came in town from New York and we walked into the city while enjoying the sights.  Overall, we walked for a little over three hours and talked about everything in the world.   Thank goodness for Denver’s beautiful blue skies, sunny days and 55 degree weather.  It just makes life easier.

Day 130:  Today was a challenge.  Well in actuality, the past few days have been a physical test of sorts.  My stomach really started being “off” on Valentine’s Day (I will leave the definition of “off” up to your imagination) and has gone south from there.  After three days of the tummy follies, I do not have much strength left stay awake…let alone enough to get in a proper workout.   Therefore, I made my workout today three sets of ten minute walks.  It’s all this feeble bod could handle.   Listening to my body when it needs a break might be the only way I can get through this workout challenge and whatever virus is living in my intestines.

Sorry for the lack of witti-ness and charm.  My brain needs a wee break as well.  I do hope that you make it through the cold and flu season without this funk.  If you don’t, do yourself a favor and listen to what your body needs.  Trust me, it will be thankful.

Day 72: Focus

This morning I went to Kindness Yoga for a Power Vinyasa Flow class.  I think the room got up to 128 degrees and 104% humidity.  Not really, but it was quite possibly the hottest flow class I have taken in a while.  I think I sweat so much that it brought a hibernating cold to the surface.  I just invested in an herbal supplement called “Kick Ass Immune,” from Whole Foods.  I will let you know if it does the trick!

Today’s class was taught by a newly certified yoga instructor, Nancy.  I fell in love with the way gentle way that she taught such a tough class.   She also did a wonderful job in guiding my mind to stay on my own mat.  The reason I found this so challenging today was because the woman next to me decided to do her own flow for the entire class….no cues, no listening, loud lands during quite moments and speaking out about small things numerous times.  I have never experienced anything like this during my two years of practicing yoga.  It challenged my mind to stay focused in a way I have never had to do.  I kept my eyes closed as much as possible and repeated the word “calm” over and over in my mind.

During yoga one is supposed to concentrate only on their practice.  Maybe that is a metaphor that can be used in life as well?  Concentrate on your own life and everything around you will take care of itself.  That might be a stretch.  I’m really reaching for a beautiful message to come out of this.  If you can think of one then feel free to leave a comment below…