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Kick Holiday Weight Gain To The Curb This Year


Make this November about health, not extra servings of pie.

Make this November about health, not extra servings of pie.

The average American gains 5 lbs during the holiday and most people never lose the extra lbs.  That’s right, it stays on year after year after year…

Scary, isn’t it?


Make this the year that you beat this scary statistic and make a commitment to your body that you can be proud of.


This November the inspirational, Sam Lambooy of Slambooy Fitness and Betsy Fry of Find Food Peace and 365 Days of Sweat are hosting a “November Workout Challenge.”  Instead of hibernating as the days get shorter and colder, choose to workout everyday in November and take charge of your health.


Here’s the rundown:


  • Workout everyday in November.
  • You choose the intensity, duration and type of workout.
  • Post what you did in the Facebook group “My November Workout Challenge.”
  • Take photos of your workout and post them on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #activenovember and find all the other people around the world participating (seriously, we already have an Aussie and a Brit!).
  • Be an advocate for health and invite your friends/family to join you!
  • A free conference call for all participants led by Sam Lambooy and Betsy Fry.  We will be giving tips, encouragement, inspiration and answering all questions.


Are any of these reasons why you don’t want to participate:


  • November is the best month for eating and starting off my winter hibernation the right way!
  • The holidays are the ultimate diversion from my health goals.
  • I’ll start working out again after the family season ends.
  • It’s too cold/dark/snowy outside and I hate being confined to the gym.
  • I have been thinking about committing to a regular workout regimen, but it’s too hard to commit to anything during the holidays.
  • I intend on being in a tryptophan coma all month.
  • There will be too much traveling/family time/shopping/stress to try to include working out.


If any of these sound familiar to you, then take a risk and let go of your excuses.  We challenge you to leap out of your comfort zone for one month.




Now that you’ve read all about the challenge, it’s time to make a wholehearted commitment to yourself.  All you have to do is write “I’m so down to sweat!” in the comment section below.   Once you do this, we will add you to the Facebook support group and answer any questions or calm any fears you may have.


Welcome to the challenge!   We are so happy to have you!


With sweaty love,


Betsy Fry and Sam Lambooy

Love Extra Hard

Happy Everything to you and your loved ones! journey

Day 43: Addicted to Love

My fiance, Michael, has been deployed for 288 days and finally comes home in 37 days!   We are on the tail-end of our time apart and I could not be happier.  At least that’s what I have been telling myself these past few weeks.  Since we are spending our first year as an engaged couple apart, the holidays seem especially hard.  I tell myself everyday that “we are almost there, stay positive,” it just seems extra hard around a time that is meant to be shared with loved ones.  Sometimes the sadness knocks the wind out of my sails when I least expect it.  This morning was one of those times.  I woke up, put on my running gear and kept finding every excuse not to go run.  It was not until I saw a glimmer of sun outside that I finally laced up my Saucony’s (seven hours after I put on my sports bra).

Randomly, three out of the first six songs I heard on my iPod were songs that we want to have in our wedding.  The songs immediately lightened my heart and took away some of the alone-ness I was feeling.  By the time I was done with my four miles I felt like my normal self.  This was the reminder that I needed that I do not need physically need Mike here to be happy, he’s always with me.  On my way home from the park I realized that I might actually need the working out for peace of mind right now, it’s helping me more than I ever thought possible.  This got me to thinking, what if whenever I feel sad I make myself do something physical?  It tends to be the best cure for me.

When I got home from my run there was a package sitting on my doormat from my best friend, Amber.  She sent me a Thanksgiving care package for my “last holiday being alone,” filled with a funny book, trail mixes, comfy pajama pants, a candle named after her (seriously, it’s called “vanilla amber”) and a creepy card calling me her sweet potato.  This package just filled my holiday week with a little more love.  Not only do I have an amazing fiance that I get to talk to everyday;  I’ve got best friends, an amazing family, an overly needy cat, long runs and relaxing yoga to get me through the next 37 days.