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Days 60 & 61: Cram Sesh

Most of you are probably so busy right now that you might delete this post before you even read it. PHEW, because the pictures in this actually make me feel uncomfortable.  So go back to being that busy holiday shopping, cookie baking, tree decorating, carol memorizing, house cleaning person that you were before you got this.

Day 60:  My only requirement for working out on day 60 was that I would leave enough time in my day to shower at home.  This may sound strange, but the last seven days my only showers have happened at gym and with all of my beautifying contents jammed into a gym bag.  It’s no way to live a (clean) life.  So in between my workday and social engagements, I ran four miles and left myself 60 minutes to take a hot shower in the comfort of my own home.  It felt like a huge reward for cramming in a run on a day when I would have rather spent 100 minutes getting ready and fussing around my house.

Day 61:  Today was another one of those super busy days. I squeezed in a 70 minute workout at Pura Vida between work and an evening of babysitting (no showering in between, in case you’re wondering).  I was craving a lot of cardio today, so I spent 60 minutes watching Serendipity and powering away at the elliptical and finished off my workout with a fast one mile run.

*These pictures were taken on day 61.  I know that I did not post a monthly shot after one month and I apologize.  A girl is allowed to have a little privacy if her belly isn’t feeling the best- aka, no photo shoot at day 30 for you.  So here they are.  I know what would have been airbrushed out if I were a model, but I’m not, so these are my Dove style photos for your curious minds.   My body feels stronger than it did 61 days ago and my energy level has skyrocketed.  The best part though is that I never think about excuses to skip my workouts, I just power through.  It’s actually nice to give myself the permission to sweat everyday and forget about the lying (aka the “excuses”).  Lastly, I forgot about the promise to get a spray tan before taking this picture and to be completely honest, those don’t look good on me anyways.  It’s like seeing a 70-year-old without a wrinkle on her face- you know it’s not natural, so why even bother!?