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Day 48: Peace, Beautiful

This morning’s practice at Karma Yoga started out with our instructor, Katrina, asking us to cleanse our chakras by taking slow deep breaths.  She then asked us to pay special attention to a chakra that was calling out to us- mine was my throat, the chakra that tends to take a bluish tone, which is relatable to peace.  Katrina then asked us to dedicate our practice to the word that came up in relation to the attention needing chakra, my word was “peace.”  We were then to chant our chosen word over and over again in our mind and use this word as our dedicated intention for our practice.

This class was slow, strong and spiritual.  It was the type of class that made me remember why I love yoga so much.  Later on in class Katrina asked us to think of our favorite pet name we have ever been called by a significant other, then choose a word even more loving than that because, “we should learn to be as loving to ourselves as others are to us.”  I chose the word “beautiful,” because I want that to be the word that I radiate to the world with my soul.  The two words peace and beautiful led my heart through practice and helped me set a strong tone for my day.

My friend Sangeeta came to Karma with me today and agreed that this is not just a beautiful studio- it’s a beautiful old home turned into a studio, decorated beautifully with a hindu touch and filled with instructors that teach yoga with their hearts.  It’s a hidden gem in Denver.  Yoga perfection.