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Day 37: Go With The Flow

Today I walked into yoga class thinking, “I am going to hop back on the ‘I love working out everyday’ bandwagon,” but that did not happen.  I even thought being super gentle to myself would help, so I went to a Core Power 1.5 level class (beginner class).  Again, I found myself messing up easy poses- I am talking warrior 1/2 and chaturanga.  The flow was happening and I was missing the current.

When class was over I was disappointed again.  Being in this mindset is definitely not helping me stay motivated and feel strong, so I wonder what is going on?  I got to thinking about my diet and started breaking it down a bit.  I have been eating pretty healthy- 90% gluten-free and I have also naturally let go of eating most meat.  That’s when it hit me, I have lost the majority of my carbs and protein in the last three months and have not been replacing them with proper substitutes.  My body is drained because I have not been filling it up with the right things.

After class tonight I had an IU Alumni Board meeting and ordered a ginormous hamburger and ate every last bite of it (the fries were doomed too since they were on my plate).  I already feel a little bit better.  Tomorrow I am going on a run, followed-up with a spoonful* of peanut butter, chased down with almond milk. Now that I think I have targeted my lack of motivation situation, I am going to consciously try to fix it.

*What do gluten-free people put peanut butter on?  This might be a riddle that does not have an answer!