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Days 65 & 66: Inspirational Beauty

Day 65: Yesterday it was sunny and 50 degrees; just the way winter weather in Denver should be.  I took advantage of the day by running four miles in City Park.  It truly has some of the best views in the whole city.  If you go to the South side of the park you have a full view of downtown and the mountains in the background.  I tried taking a picture on my camera phone, but it did not do justice to the view.  Hint: if you’re still in need of a Christmas present for me, I would love a real camera!

Day 66:  Today I went to Karma Yoga for an all levels flow class with my friend Sangeeta and her friend from out-of-town.  When the instructor asked us to set our intention for the class, she asked us to be so specific for our intentions that it should only be one word.  I settled on the name of a person in my life who needs lots of strength, courage and love.  My entire practice I imagined lightning bolts of powerful healing being sent to her, I hope more than anything she could feel them.

Guest Blogger:  For a little extra holiday motivation, my darling friend Jenny Darga has decided to do two workouts a day leading up to Christmas.  Help cheer her on here or on her facebook page (which will be tagged):

365 days of working out?  WHAT?!  Consecutively?  This girl is either on crack or my new inspirational guru!  It took me one day into her blog to realize it was the latter.

I am in awe and perplexed by this self-inflicted challenge.  Approximately 0.15% of the world population can say they have run a marathon but how many can say they are a 365 Alum?  I know of only one who will be wearing that crown.

In tribute to Betsy, I decided to take on a mini (well really a blip comparatively) 10-day challenge; two-a-day workouts for the next 10 days.  My thought behind this was to get a small understanding of Betsy’s journey and work on offsetting the cookie and candy pushers that are lurking everywhere during this time of year (you know who you are!).

Upon vocalizing my idea in a conversation with Betsy, I immediately started to back track until she invited me to be a guest blogger.  I have NEVER blogged and actually (to be up front) find it kind of arrogant unless used for marketing purposes.  Reading Betsy’s blog has changed my mind and made me realize that there is power behind blogging about experiences and life aspirations.  Blogs can hold you accountable and give us the tools to connect and communicate our passions, goals and experiences.  So this is my intro, I will be back in 10 days to summarize my experience.  Let’s get this party started . . .

Hello.  My name is Jenny.  I set my spin bike to H, 7, 4.5, I like pizza with green olives, love the feeling I get AFTER a workout and adore my inspirational friend Betsy!  Let the challenge commence!!