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Day 40: Lost In Drishti

Drishti means “vision” or “sight” in Sanskrit and is often used in yoga practice to remind the practitioner to hold focus on a certain object.  Tonight I practiced power vinyasa yoga at lululemon in Cherry Creek during their weekly Vino & Vinyasa.  To say that it was intense is an understatement.

The instructor, Jessica from Qi, had us doing one-legged flows, mountain climbers and more chaturangas than I thought my arms could bare.   I have gone to a few different classes at our store and have found that it’s hard for me to focus on my practice while I am in a yoga store that I happen to love working at.  Tonight was the exception and hopefully the new standard.  When the instructor started I lost myself.  I forgot my surroundings, held my focus and had an incredibly challenging practice that I did not know could happen while surrounded by thousands of black stretchy pants.

Sweat + shoulder stands + lululemon = gratitude.  My cup runneth over!