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Find Your Peace With Food

Last year all of you wonderful readers followed me on a journey to sweat every day for 365 days straight.  Words cannot express how genuinely grateful I am for the support that you gave me throughout the year.  You gave me strength and encouragement when I needed it the most.  Because of you, I walked away from the challenge feeling like a strong, capable woman.

Along the path I shared a lot of my life with you and opened up a bit about my former relationship with food and eating.  At one point I dabbled with anorexia, but found it just a little bit too hard.  I settled in with bulimia for quite some time and eventually committed to binge eating.  For years, my relationship with food was incredibly unhealthy.  At this point in my life, I have rid myself of most of my eating issues and have turned my focus to living a peaceful life with food.  It does not mean that my struggling as stopped, in fact, I continue to fight my urges every single day.

In my coaching practice almost every client talks about their stressful relationship with food.  Every time it comes up, we use different tools, strategies and metaphors to help them find resolve with their issues.  I love sharing what I know with my clients and I cherish the relationships that we build together.  In the last few months I have felt a bigger calling to share my knowledge with the world.  Well, the web world that is interested in reading what I have to say!

On my new website I will be sharing some of my coaching tools, hat tricks and as much loving encouragement that can be mustered up.   There are big lofty goals that I hope this website can attain and with your help, it can get there.  So it’s time for you to buck up, get honest with yourself and know that now is the time for you to make a change.  Head on over to www.findfoodpeace.com and sign-up for emails to learn how.

Thank you again for reading and I look forward to getting to know you more on Find Food Peace.  Namaste.

Day 170: Find Your Motivation

Day 170:   This afternoon all I wanted was to go on a long walk with Mike through Washington Park for my workout.  We walked hand-in-hand for 45 minutes while dodging park geese and talking about life.  Then something strange happened:  I became motivated to do more.  We watched runner after runner after runner, jogging by us with their music blasting in their ears.  I wanted that.

We came home and I changed into my run gear and slipped out the door and back towards the park for 5.4 miles.  Paula Abdul sang her heart out and I ran my legs to exhaustion.  Thanks to my fellow runners who continue to inspire my sweat every single day.

I had a reader write in and ask me to include what I eat/drink on a daily basis to stay energized.  I loved that someone was that interested in how I fuel myself and it also made me wonder how I feel about broadcasting my not so perfect diet on the web.   Below is my food journal for today (which happens to be a decent day of eating), but this is not how I always eat.  I listen to my body, I allow my cravings to have what they want and I eat (almost) everything in moderation.  It’s a big change from what my eating patterns used to be and still light-years from what I would truly want my diet to look  like.

Breakfast:  Steel cut oats, flax-seed meal, banana and a cup of coffee with almond milk

Snack: Carrots and a handful of pretzels

Lunch: A tofu burger with low-fat cheese, cantaloupe

Snack:  Granola bar and more cantaloupe

Dinner:  Smoothie with 3 cups spinach, 2 scoops protein powder, 4 huge strawberries, frozen mango

Desert:  bowl of vanilla yogurt

Drinks:  7 glasses of water and one glass of almond milk

My eating is a continuing  battle and ALWAYS a work in progress.  I have had an ugly past ridden with eating disorders, body image issues and consistent pain that revolved around food.  After seeking my own coach for the problems I had, I  began coaching others on how to get through their own eating struggles to find freedom and peace.  It’s hard work, but each client reminds me over and over again of how rewarding the dedication to ending their food battle can be.

Jeesh, so long story short?  I am going to start adding some all-star recipes in with my blog.  Have any you love?  Send them my way, betsysalzler@moxie-coaching.com   My fiance would appreciate it 🙂