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Days 303-306: Comfort in Repetition

The week leading up to the wedding has been busy and slightly stressful, so I’ve really had to tune into my body everyday to see what it needs.  I‘ve gone back to the basics for comfort- yoga, running and old SNL video favorites.  Running helps my mind to go blank and eases off some stress and yoga calms my soul and frees up any sort of tension my body has been feeling.  They are truly the best combination for my body.  Oh and Cheri Oteri is just good for the ol’ soul!

Day 303:  5.5 mile run to and around Washington Park.

Day 304 Core Power Yoga, Level 2 Power Vinyasa Flow.

Day 305: One hour walk with Mike.   The reason we decided on this walking path was because we both wanted chocolate from a nearby store.  We collectively decided that our bodies needed a break and this was going to be our joint workout for the day.  I recommend this to anyone 🙂

Day 306:  This morning I got up at 6 a.m. for a 5 mile run around the park.  I am really glad that this is not a daily occurrence for me because it’s hard to muster up the energy needed for that kind of run so early.  If you are one of those people who can do that everyday, I envy that in you…oh. so. much.

Days 273 & 274: Loss

Day 273:  Yesterday I went to a local yoga studio for a 75 minute vinyasa flow and expected to come out stretched and relaxed.  What I came out with was way more than that.  I left class with a heart full of love, gratitude, sadness and definitely some anger.  All of which took me by surprise and led me to some peace.

The instructor started off class by saying, “I am going through a very difficult time right now, so please, please stick with me.”  I was not sure what was going on, but I could hear the sadness in her voice.  Immediately, I devoted my practice to giving her strength and love.  Eventually she shared with us the very sad news of losing her partner last week and the pain she was feeling.  Throughout the class she talked to us about what grief looks like and how we can prepare ourselves better for loss by becoming strong individuals that know how to look inward during rough times.  She then gave the metaphor of life being like a water balloon, when the balloon pops, the water is soaked up into the environment.  When the vessel leaves, we take in the essence of the person and they live on.  I was left breathless in class that is supposed to bring breath.  This woman just lost the love of her life and she’s teaching us how to deal with the pain.  She took selflessness to a level I have never experienced before.

After hugs at the end of class, I went out to my car and cried.  I cried for her,  for everyone I have lost in my life and everyone that anyone has lost.  The tears just kept flowing.  They must have really needed to flow out because they kept coming back all day and teaching me something with every new flood.

Thankfully, they stopped and I was able to piece together what the sources were.  Sometimes things happen or people get put in our path for a reason.  Not only is this amazing instructor in my life to teach a practice, she is also fiercely helping me clear my path to find focus on things that actually matter.

My heart is with her as she heals and I am ever grateful for that path…

Day 274:  Today I used my first class of unlimited yoga at Core Power to try our their Yoga Sculpt Cardio class (no weights, just cardio).  Oh. My. Goodness.  I know that I say this quite frequently, but I am going to say it again, that might have been one of the hardest classes I have ever been to.  I suppose the light-headedness might have had something to do with it, but it would have been challenging regardless.  If you’re looking to get into shape quickly, then I highly recommend adding this class to your regimen.  I am actually getting tired just thinking of it…phew.

Days 143-145: Back On The Bike

Day 143:  On Friday evening I got off of work and headed straight to Core Power Yoga for a good ol’ fashioned kick my butt, sweat buckets, yoga session.  And that it did.  By the end of the class I had done four crows, five headstands and barely had enough energy in me to wash the sweat out of my hair afterwards.  The sickness is completely gone and the sweaty Betsy is back.  Hallelujah!

Day 144:  On Saturday morning I wanted to have a lazy morning with my fiance more than anything in the world, so we did; and it included coffee, coffee talk and lots of laughing.  Ahh, the blissfulness of young love.

Unfortunately the young love keeps me by his side more than it makes me want to run to the gym.  Since I chose our morning together, I had to find a way to workin my sweat sesh.  I had to work the next eight hours of the day and decided to go for a run on my break.  It was a balmy 32 degrees and I ran for 25 minutes in whatever direction the sun was shining.  Although it wasn’t ideal, it did make me realize that a run during a work day is way better than a cup of coffee or gummy bears to give me a jolt.

Day 145: Today was 65, sunny and everything that a person coming out of winter dreams of.  Mike and I strapped on our biking shoes and hopped on our bikes.  We rode our bikes along the Cherry Creek Trail to REI to stock up on biking goods, then up to the highlands to say hello to a friend and then back home.  We went about hour and I decided that no matter how short my rides are from here on out, I will ALWAYS wear padded shorts.  I swear that they are a better invention than the bike.  I think that my bruised bum and thighs would strongly agree to that too!

Days 124-126: One Step at a Time

Day 124:  On day 124 I went to CPY for a hot yoga fusion class.  I had no idea what a hot power fusion class was but I figured I’d be able to figure it out.  It’s a combination of bikram and vinyasa yoga for 75 minutes.  Although I do not love bikram style, this was a nice way to combine the two.

The instructor had us all put a piece of paper with a dot in the middle of it by the top of our mats.  The purpose was to learn how to concentrate on one thing.  At first I thought it was a silly concept, “how could a dot hold my concentration?”  Thirty minutes into class and I realized that my concentration was at an all time high.

I am not sure if it was the dot, the day or the people around me that helped me hone in on my own practice.  No matter what the reason was, I’d take it.  Concentration rocks my socks!

Day 125:  Yesterday I walked 40 minutes.  Primarily because it was late in the day and I realized I completely forgot to workout, so that was the only option left with a belly full of wine and a few thin mints.  Thank you walking for remaining a steady friend and a great last-minute option.

Day 126:  I think it’s been over two weeks since I have gone on a long run outside and my body missed it so much.  As the reasons for the running hiatus were stacking up, my fwinter running fears were starting to cave in on me.   It might seem strange that I still have running fears after being a runner for seven years, but they fears always find a way to come back.  This time around I was scared for my knees on the ice, the cold in my lungs and my health taking another turn towards sick-city.   The fears were enabling me to get back out there and do the thing I love the most.

Today the warm sun was shining and I told myself I could go as slow as I needed on the icy paths to get my goal of 6 miles.   Although my body was incredibly happy to receive some cardio, my mind reaped the benefits even more.  I got over my mental block of running in the winter and took my first ever strides on snowy paths.  My sore ankles might be upset tomorrow, but my shackle-free mind is grateful.

Day 85: Like A Virgin

Like a (yoga) virgin, stretchin’ for the very first time!  That’s what my 6 a.m. level 2 Core Power class felt like this morning.  It’s been two days since I ran 10 miles and my body feels completely fine when it’s resting, but not when I am trying to open my hips, stretch my quads and bend my body.  It really did feel like my first time at yoga, it was painful.  I suppose there is truth behind why people pair running and yoga more often than peanut butter and jelly (or chocolate, I like that combination better).

Now that you know about today’s workout, I want to fill you in on tomorrow’s because I am ecstatic to tell you that I will NOT be blogging tomorrow.  I will be waking up at 3 a.m. to get in my own yoga practice, then hopping on a plane at 6 a.m. to fly to Washington DC, borrowing my Mom’s car to drive down to Norfolk, VA, where I will (finally) get to see my fiance, Michael.  It’s been 327 days since he has been deployed and six months to the day since I have last kissed him.  Tomorrow starts the beginning of the rest of our lives.  I am going to make the day about us, no blogs.

Next time you hear from me I will be working out on the beach with my favorite person in the world.  Hallelujah!

Day 57: Froga

Friends + Yoga = Froga!  If you’re interested in buying this clever word from me then please contact me ASAP, as I’m sure there will be lots of other captivated buyers.

Today an old pal from my college days at Indiana University was in town with her fiance and wanted to try out some Denver yoga.  So we froga’d at Core Power on Grant for a CY 1.5 level class.  My friend Lauryn is one of those people who is up for anything at anytime, even if she is not too sure about it.  In class today the instructor had us go from three-legged dog to a flipped dog (basically a wheel with one arm up) and Lauryn turns to me and says, “uhh, can you do that?”  I said, “yes, and so can you!”  Within ten seconds I look over and Lauryn is “flipping her dog” with a huge smile on her face.

No matter how long Lauryn and I are friends, whenever I think of her from here on out I will imagine that upside down smile with a look of victory in her eyes.  It’s so nice to know that friends made at age 19 can still be great friends at age 28, regardless of how many miles there are between us.  Hopefully at age 65 we will still be froga’ing together around cities all over the US.

Day 51: Sculpting Up A Storm

Tonight I went to my first ever Yoga Sculpt class at Core Power Yoga.  I actually think that the only parts of my body that I will be able to move tomorrow will be my fingers; and even that isn’t for sure.  To say that this class was intense is an understatement.

Let me explain a little bit about what I was expecting and what actually happened.  I thought it was going to be a yoga class with a few hand weights thrown in at opportune times.  This is not what it was at all.  Class started out with jammin’ fast tunes, push-ups, squats, mountain climbers, yogi-jacks and about 10 more cardio activities.  In between the gasping for air we managed to work in a handful of vinyasa flows while holding 5 lb free-weights.  At one point I had to pull my shirt up and wipe the sweat out of my eyes and show the world my thanksgiving belly (you are so welcome fellow class-goers).   OH and I didn’t even mention the best part- it was 98 degrees in the room!

Even though it sounds like I am complaining, I am not in the slightest.  This class was unreal awesome and I am hoping it will give me those bride arms that I have been dreaming of!   Just do not go expecting yoga or you’ll end up being more confused than Snooki on a Sunday morning.

*I took a picture of my (soaked) self after class to post, but it turned out looking like a bald ghost with a few acne scars.  I could not bring myself to release that to the world.  Maybe next year on Halloween!

Day 30: Swapping Self-consciousness for Self-confidence

Twenty months ago I stepped into my first yoga class and I was awkwardly self-aware of my every movement.  At one point, I laughed- not because something was funny, but because I was so uncomfortable with my own self.  On my 30th day of working out and probably my 150th yoga class, I noticed how completely un-self-conscious I am in my practice.

Today’s 2.5 level class at Core Power Yoga proved to be one of the most fun classes I have ever taken.  The instructor started out with a drawing on the mirror about adjusting to the ups and downs in life and said we would feel those same waves on our mats today.  At one point, she had us all dancing while in Utkatasana (chair pose) and five minutes later she asked, “anyone who is shy to close their eyes” while the rest of us danced in a pose I have never done before.  I was smiling from the inside out, shining, sweating, breathing and laughing…all while doing a type of dancing I have never done before in front of some of the best yogi’s I have ever seen.   It was not until I was in Savasana that I started thinking (yep, still have not been able to master the art of quieting my mind) about how I did not think about what others were thinking about me.  This practice was just my own- my movement, my body, my practice.

Losing your ego and embracing the moment is a beautiful state of being.  Can you remember a time when you were first able to do that?