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Days 124-126: One Step at a Time

Day 124:  On day 124 I went to CPY for a hot yoga fusion class.  I had no idea what a hot power fusion class was but I figured I’d be able to figure it out.  It’s a combination of bikram and vinyasa yoga for 75 minutes.  Although I do not love bikram style, this was a nice way to combine the two.

The instructor had us all put a piece of paper with a dot in the middle of it by the top of our mats.  The purpose was to learn how to concentrate on one thing.  At first I thought it was a silly concept, “how could a dot hold my concentration?”  Thirty minutes into class and I realized that my concentration was at an all time high.

I am not sure if it was the dot, the day or the people around me that helped me hone in on my own practice.  No matter what the reason was, I’d take it.  Concentration rocks my socks!

Day 125:  Yesterday I walked 40 minutes.  Primarily because it was late in the day and I realized I completely forgot to workout, so that was the only option left with a belly full of wine and a few thin mints.  Thank you walking for remaining a steady friend and a great last-minute option.

Day 126:  I think it’s been over two weeks since I have gone on a long run outside and my body missed it so much.  As the reasons for the running hiatus were stacking up, my fwinter running fears were starting to cave in on me.   It might seem strange that I still have running fears after being a runner for seven years, but they fears always find a way to come back.  This time around I was scared for my knees on the ice, the cold in my lungs and my health taking another turn towards sick-city.   The fears were enabling me to get back out there and do the thing I love the most.

Today the warm sun was shining and I told myself I could go as slow as I needed on the icy paths to get my goal of 6 miles.   Although my body was incredibly happy to receive some cardio, my mind reaped the benefits even more.  I got over my mental block of running in the winter and took my first ever strides on snowy paths.  My sore ankles might be upset tomorrow, but my shackle-free mind is grateful.

Day 72: Focus

This morning I went to Kindness Yoga for a Power Vinyasa Flow class.  I think the room got up to 128 degrees and 104% humidity.  Not really, but it was quite possibly the hottest flow class I have taken in a while.  I think I sweat so much that it brought a hibernating cold to the surface.  I just invested in an herbal supplement called “Kick Ass Immune,” from Whole Foods.  I will let you know if it does the trick!

Today’s class was taught by a newly certified yoga instructor, Nancy.  I fell in love with the way gentle way that she taught such a tough class.   She also did a wonderful job in guiding my mind to stay on my own mat.  The reason I found this so challenging today was because the woman next to me decided to do her own flow for the entire class….no cues, no listening, loud lands during quite moments and speaking out about small things numerous times.  I have never experienced anything like this during my two years of practicing yoga.  It challenged my mind to stay focused in a way I have never had to do.  I kept my eyes closed as much as possible and repeated the word “calm” over and over in my mind.

During yoga one is supposed to concentrate only on their practice.  Maybe that is a metaphor that can be used in life as well?  Concentrate on your own life and everything around you will take care of itself.  That might be a stretch.  I’m really reaching for a beautiful message to come out of this.  If you can think of one then feel free to leave a comment below…