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Day 27: Be Still

This morning I went to a spin class at Pura Vida in Cherry Creek.  It was my first time spinning in over six months and I can already feel my inner thighs screaming from all of the “up/downs” that the instructor had us doing.

The instructor, Jasmine, kept reminding us to “be still” on our bikes.  At first I didn’t understand what she meant.  She explained that we had to keep our upper bodies still and let our legs do all the heavy work.  I have a strong feeling she was speaking directly to me since my upper body was boppin’ away to the tunes.   Once I calmed my upper body down and concentrated on my legs, it became a much more difficult but I could tell that if I stuck with that movement then it would yield more results.

As I was trying to be still, I thought about all the times in my past that it has felt like a tornado has hit me and I let myself get caught up in the eye of the storm.  Lately, I have realized that the best way for me to get out of a storm is to remain calm and present.  Not flailing and bouncing to music, just still and present.  Be Still.  What a nice reminder to get through life and workouts with a more gracious ease.