Daily Archives: October 30, 2012

Finding Balance

Life has quickly changed for us, just like the wise Will Smith once said, “my life got flip turned upside down.”  Although I did not move from West Philadelphia to Bel-Air, I did move from the city to a developing suburb, which feels about the same.  Life has changed drastically in the last year and even more so in the last month.

One year ago , I had just moved to Denver from Washington, DC and was adjusting to life while my fiance was deployed.  I was working at lululemon full-time, life coaching part-time and filling in the rest of my schedule with working out and blogging.  What little time I had left was spent trying to make friends in a new city.

Fast forward a year, my fiance is now my husband, we bought a house in the suburbs, we have wonderful friends, lululemon is a thing of the past and my coaching career has been kicked into full-throttle.  It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point and I anticipate a lot more hard(er) work to get it to the place that I want to be.  Patience.

Now that I am working at home I have had to learn how to separate work and home life.  It’s a hard thing to do for someone who is new to it.  But I am slowly learning (and attempting to teach my cat that his permanent home is NOT on my lap).

While I am turtle-stepping my way into the adjustment phase, I have been sporadic with my working out.  Today I had a slight epiphany.  While I have been searching for a life of balance, the one thing that makes me feel balanced was left out in the cold.  Working out.  Yoga, to be specific.  My excuses had crept back in with a vengeance and my body was taking the heat.

Yesterday I went for an hour-long run and today I went to Lifetime for a hot vinyasa flow class.  I felt like I have reconnected with a long-lost friend.  That might sound dramatic, but going from working out everyday for a year to three days a week was leaving a huge void in my life.  Working out is how I connect with myself and check-in on a daily basis.  Without some version of it (almost) everyday, left me feeling disconnected.

Although I am not ready to commit to another 365 days (primarily because of the blogging accountability and more priorities), I have decided to do something everyday that I can to bring some peace to my transitioning self.  Just being outside in our new neighborhood feels so peaceful with the mountain views and the occasional roaming deer.

Just writing this is making me feel more connected.  How do you connect with yourself?  What/who helps to hold you accountable?  Once you figure that out, hold onto it with everything you’ve got in you.  Your body will truly thank you.

*The deer picture was not taken by yours truly, it was found on google images without anyone to cite for photorights.  However, this is very similar to what I am lucky enough to see almost everyday.*