Daily Archives: September 7, 2012

Days 331-333: Fall Running Love

Day 331:  Has your body ever just craved a run?   A quick lace up of shoes, the pounding of the pavement, rhythmic breaths and a clearing of the mind.  That’s what I think of lately when I think of running.  My body is telling me to do it, do it, do it and do it as much as possible.  Perhaps it’s the change of seasons or a little pre-move nostalgia?  Either way, I’ve fallen back in love with running just in time for fall.

On Wednesday my husband set out for a run and I left soon there after.  We rarely run together because of different paces and distances (goal: run as fast as Mike in a year).   Twenty minutes into my run on a beautiful tree-lined street I saw the most handsome man running towards me.  I got a picture of our lives running together on our favorite path, in our favorite city.  It was the most romantic run I’ve ever had.  Maybe I’ve fallen in love with running because I’m falling deeper in love with my life?

Day 332:  Yesterday Mike and I went to checkout the progress on our house and got so excited at the idea of owning a home that we went out and used almost all of our wedding gift cards.  I thought that our tiny apartment was jam-packed before, but now there is barely room to breathe in here.  After running around Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel for hours we came home to write out our thank you notes.  I thought that all that writing should have counted as my workout, but Mike made me do something else (sigh).

Post thank you notes and dinner we walked around our neighborhood for an hour talking and talking.  We stopped at the local dog park and watched the pups run, play and bark without any regard and it made us talk (almost too extensively) about our soon to be dog addition to the family.  Great night, sore hands.

Day 333:  The high in Denver today is 71 degrees!  That is almost cold enough to make sense of why I am wearing a long sleeve shirt, jeans and a scarf.  Almost.  Do you get so excited for fall that you pull out all of your warm clothing way before you should?  That’s where I am at right now.

This morning I woke up at 6:30 and went for a four mile run around Wash Park and had a serious wardrobe malfunction two miles in.  My bra strap snapped in half. Ut oh.  The good news is that my tiny chest does not need a lot of support, the bad news is that it still needs some.  I tried to pull out some serious MacGyver skills by looping the strap around my neck and then tying it to the other strap (don’t worry if that doesn’t make sense, it didn’t really work. You’ll still need to find your own way out of this pickle if you ever get stuck in it!).  After this two-minute break and lots of strange looks from fellow runners, I lopsidedly ran home.