Days 226-229: Hiking and Anniversaries

Day 226:  On Thursday I went to a 5:30 vinyasa flow at Karma Yoga.  The instructor was inspirational, the class vibe was strong, the sun was shining in on my mat and my body felt like a yoga virgin.  It was a strange sensation to feel as though this was my first time experiencing most poses, but my pounding-pavement-half-marathon body wanted nothing to do with stretching and deep breaths.  I found myself falling out of simple poses, taking really shallow breaths and feeling really disconnected from my yogi self.  As I was feeling frustrated with my not so bendy body, I forgave my muscles.  After all, they were just tired, wanting a break and some serious attention.   Isn’t that when yoga is the best?  When the body needs a break, it’s there for you, along with your mat, your breath and the sun.  #shineonyogini

Day 227:  My friends and I were suppose to meet at Pura Vida for a bootcamp style class but we were all feeling like our bodies needed rest.  Instead, we met at Washington Park for a 4 mile walk and blasted through some abdominal work in the wet grass.

Day 228:  Yesterday Mike and I rode our bikes to a farmer’s market, noshed on some crepes and then powered home on our bikes.  We even managed to stock up on our weekly allotment of fruits and veggies!

Day 229:  Today, Mike and I are celebrating our two-year anniversary.  What can I say?  We move fast!   Two years ago I got a text from Mike while he was at Fleet Week in NYC that said, “I think I might like you as more than a friend.”   Nervous, excited and scared of my own feelings I had no idea how to respond.  After all, he’s in NYC celebrating his attractiveness in a Navy uniform, drinking with his buddies and I was sober and at work.  With my guard up, I sent a text back that said “That might be the booze talking, but if it’s not, then let’s talk when you get home.  PS I think I feel the same.”  Fast forward two years and we are planning our wedding, living in our dream city, buying a house, talking about future babies named Charlie and sharing our lives over coffee every single morning.

After our coffee talk this morning we headed to Golden and went for a hike.  We ran into at least a dozen deer and hiked for an hour and a half.  After that, we strolled around the squaint town while sipping on  (yet another) coffee and talking about our past few years.   Two years down, thousands of memories made and some of the best are yet to come.

7 responses to “Days 226-229: Hiking and Anniversaries

  1. Great post, Betsy! You are such an inspiration to me. So glad that you and Mike love living in Colorado!

  2. Happy Anniversary! We just celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. Really like your blog. It looks like we enjoy a lot of the same places. Have a great week.

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