Daily Archives: May 10, 2012

Days 211 & 212: Park Mecca

Day 211:  Yesterday my friend, Sangeeta and I went for a five-mile walk at Washington Park.   Again, I apologize for the lack of diversity of where I choose workout.  The Park is beautiful and it makes me so happy whenever I go.  Thus, I’ll continue to go until we move out of the city in the Fall.

Day 212:  I just got back from a five-mile run at Washington Park and am attempting to use “the stick” to roll out my leg.  I believe it’s purpose is very similar to a foam roller, except you can actually roll it over your sore leg instead of using your body weight to press down on it.   Unfortunately I’m really having issues with the IT band in my left leg and it’s making running incredibly painful.  Normally,  I would take a break from pounding the pavement, but I have a half-marathon to run in two weeks.  Until then, I’ll keep stretching, rolling the stick and taking ibprofen to help me get through it!  After that, I anticipate a much needed running break.