Days 202-204: Stopping Soreness

Day 202:  The day after the 10 mile race was a little rough.  Well, maybe more than a little rough.  My IT band/knee did not want to move without a mandatory wince and my thighs quivered with every step.  How the heck was I supposed to workout!?

I decided on an extra hot yoga class at Core Power Yoga and went 15 minutes early to let my muscles relax.   Some poses felt amazing and some felt like a knife slipping in my muscles (maybe in a good way?  I’m still not sure).  Regardless of the discomfort that I was in, I knew that I’d feel ten times better afterwards….and that I did.

Day 203:  My friend, Sarah and I went to Washington Park for a five-mile walk.  Most of my soreness was worked out during the walk and the remainder of whatever emotional strain I was feeling for the prior week was fading as well.

Day 204:  Today I had my first massage in two years and it. felt. amazing.  My body was craving some muscle relaxation, stress relief and down time.  After that, I felt spent (yes, spent from relaxing…it’s possible and I recommend it to everyone)!   Mike and I went to Washington Park, held hands, walked for 90 minutes and laughed at every dog around.  It was a great end to a perfect day.

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