Daily Archives: April 21, 2012

Days 190-193: Anusara, Runs and Vipers

Day 190: On Wednesday a gal pal of mine was in town from DC for an interview  in Denver.  After she finished wowing the CEO, I picked her up and took her to Samadhi Yoga in Uptown.  Mat by mat, we completed a 90 minute Anusara style class.  The instructor, Buffy Barfoot (seriously, best name of all time), dedicated the class to binding poses.  I was not sure how that was going to work with my recently tight running muscles, but gave it a shot.  We both walked out of class wowed by how great our bodies felt and I was in awe of how free my positive thoughts were flowing.  Love for binds.

Day 191:  Thursday was the perfect running day, 65 and sunny.  I laced up my kicks and headed to good ol’ Wash Park for a five-mile run.  I used the Droid App called, “run keeper,” which uses a computerized woman’s voice every five minutes  to give an update on distance and pace.  It kept me motivated to stay at my ideal pace.  If you do not have this phone app, I highly suggest getting it.  Did I mention it’s free!?

Day 192:  Yesterday I went to Bonza Bodies downtown for a class that had unfortunately been cancelled.  On the brighter side of things, the owner, Jamie Atlas, gave me some one-on-oneattention.  He taught me how to use a workout device (device is the best word I can come up with!) called the Viper* and then had me do lunges across a contraption that looked like a balance beam.  All the while, he was figuring out what some of my injuries/tight muscles might be.  He sent me on my way with numerous stretches to help ease some of my pain.

Afterwards, I jogged for thirty minutes in my neighborhood before heading into work.

Day 193:  Five mile run in Washington Park.  Are you guys sick of me running there?  I could branch out a bit, but I just love the energy.  Any other Denverites have running paths in the city that they love?

Today there was a group of guys running pretty fast that added in random dance moves when they past one another.  I tried my mightiest to keep up with them to watch that awesomeness, however their quick speeds eventually left me in their dust.  How can I give up seeing things like this!?  It made my day seeing people who seemingly loved running so much.

*More to come on the Viper’s when I make it to one of his classes next week.