Days 188 & 189: Does Anyone Love To Run?

Day 188:  For some reason I thought it was a good idea to sign-up for the 10 mile race at the Cherry Creek Sneak on April 29th.  My running skills have rapidly declined in the warmer months and now I am left dreading this race in 12 days and my half-marathon in five weeks.  Yesterday I decided to stop getting stuck in my “I’m such a bad runner” story and do something about it.

I ran two 9 minute miles to Washington Park to meet a friend.  We then walked five miles while gabbing about life and then I ran two more 9 minute miles back home.  I felt great afterwards and made myself more excited about running today.

Day 189:  This afternoon I ran to Washington Park, around the big loop and back home.  Six miles.  I didn’t love it, but I did it.   I have a very serious question to ask all you runners that are reading this, do you enjoy running?  Like, actually enjoy it every single time you do it?  Why do you do it?   What keeps you doing it everyday?  I’d really love to hear someone else’s romantic running story to help me fall back in love with the sport.

If you really are one of those people who love doing it every single day, then I’d love to invite you to do a guest blog on here to share with others about the relationship you have with your running shoes and local trails.  Shoot me an email at if you’re interested!

9 responses to “Days 188 & 189: Does Anyone Love To Run?

  1. Manny Rodrigues

    It’s not a race if you’re not trying to win. I am not a runner at all. My old beat up body hates it which is why I ride bicycles.

  2. I will not be trying to win, just get a decent time. Bicycles are fantastic, good call Manny!

  3. Definitely don’t always love it- but the great runs make up for the rest! Dont forget to let yourself rest before the races so your body can rest!

  4. My enjoyment largely depends on the conditions. If it’s windy, hot or extremely cold, then I don’t necessarily enjoy the motions per se, but I will get a kick out of how badass I feel. Most of the time, when the temperature or weather is far from ideal, I’ll run the Chicago lake path and see two or three other runners tops. That gives me a good feeling, knowing that everyone else stayed home while I decided to go out and do it.

    However, in good conditions, I legitimately enjoy running. It’s liberating, life-affirming and provides a visceral rush that gets more intense every four miles. Of course, that would imply that a 3- or 4-mile run isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, and that’s true … unless they’re fast!

    • Thanks for sharing Dan! Sounds like you’re running some serious distances and have a great running path! I am going to check out your blog, but I am curious how you felt as you worked your way up to marathon distances?

  5. It was a mixed bag. I felt great when I broke my 8-mile distance record to run 10. It felt a bit rough to break 10 and run 13.1. It felt natural to move up to 14 and 16. But once into 18 and 20, it was a struggle. Maybe it’s because I was doing this in July and August, so the humidity had snuck its way into my clothes and sapped me of energy towards the end.

    But I will say that the crazy leap from 20 to 26.2 was nothing short of magical.

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