Daily Archives: April 9, 2012

Days 178-180: Colorado Family

Today is the Colorado Rockies opening day and I have been waiting for this day for five years!   Umm hmm, five years.  I worked in the HR department the year that they made it to the World Series and then took a break from baseball life and went back to work at Fenway for the 2009 season.  Unfortunately if you work at a stadium, then you work all the games.  This is my first year back in Colorado since I left the HR world and my best friend/former boss, Amber (from Coors Field and Fenway) is also in town to help celebrate the big day.  So why the heck is this event so important to the blog?   Two reasons:  1.  I need to blog about my last few days workouts and I cannot focus on writing because I’m so excited about today and 2.  Because it’s Rockie’s Opening Day, who in Denver is not excited about this!? *

Day 178: 10 mile bike ride.  5 of the miles felt like I was riding towards a tornado headed my way.

Day 179: I walked for an hour while catching up with my childhood best friend, Jill.  We chatted about anything and everything.  It made me remember why I love walking as a form of commuting.  Sometimes it’s hard to find time in the day for keeping up with long-distance friends, but when I blend my workout/commuting/phone time, it is the best use of time I could really think of.

Day 180:  Happy Hippity Hoppity! Like most of my friends in Denver, my family is located elsewhere in the US.  My friends have become my family here.  I spent the morning with some of my favorite people in the world and the afternoon with my newest friend, Jenny.  We walked in Washington Park for almost 90 minutes and reminisced on past family holidays and what it means to be away from our loved ones.   It was the perfect non-family holiday and it made me so happy to know how quickly Denver has become our home.

*This paragraph literally might be the most pointless paragraph I have written in 180 days.  My excited nerves apologize.  They wrote that, not Betsy.*