Daily Archives: April 1, 2012

Days 171-173: Pedal Your Heart Out

Day 171:  Core Power Yoga, C2.  I spent a lot of time in child’s pose.

Day 172:  Yesterday I walked for an hour at Washington Park with my friend, Sarah.  Talking about life and burning calories at the same time.

Day 173:  Today I wanted to travel.  Not travel like go on a vacation, but travel like go far away from my thoughts for a while.  Sometimes running in the same neighborhood day after day is not enough of an escape and I’m not exactly in running shape to take me too many miles from home.  So I hopped on my bike, turned on Pandora’s 90s hits and escaped the regular 4 mile radius of my home for a 15 mile bike ride.

I felt like a kid that just gained some new-found freedom.  I feel like that every time I ride and stop thinking for  bit.  I tried my best not to pay attention to my pace, but instead, listen to my body by playing games with myself to catch up with riders or sprint to a certain spot.  My favorite spin instructor in Boston use to have us close our eyes and imagine something that we loved in our minds while we sprinted on our bikes.  For safety reasons, I kept my eyes open, but held all the love I could muster up in the front of my mind and let my  body sprint down the Cherry Creek Trail.  It’s amazing how when I let go of everything but love, my body takes over and my mind can rest.