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Days 198-201: Tears, Ten Miles and a Tedious Hunt

Day 198:  Thursday was one of those days where everything in the world seemed to be going wrong.  You name it, it happened.  By the end of the day my eyes were swollen from crying and my head was aching from all the horrible thoughts.  The only thing I could get my body to do was to get to my happy place (Washington Park) and walk, walk, walk, cry, get weird looks and walk, walk, walk.  I called my Mom (like I always do when I feel sad) and she told me to “keep crying, you’re getting all the funk out and making room for greatness.”   It was the permission that I wanted to let the waterfalls continue.   How do Mom’s always know what to say?   Who knows, but thank God I got an amazing one.

Luckily, it was just a one day slump.  The rest of the week proved to be hundreds of times better.

Day 199:  Continuing on the theme of walking, Mike and I went for a long walk around on neighborhood and shared everything in our hearts.  Love can make everything feel light.

Day 200:  Back in the game of life and went to Karma Yoga for a peaceful yoga class….and peaceful it was!  I dedicated my practice to patience, which is something that I really struggle with in life.  I thought about how patience can allow me to slow down, breathe deeper, listen with my whole heart and enjoy the moment.  Only good can come from patience.  I will continue to work on this until I get it down, down, down…and then down some more.

Day 201:  Today I did the 10 miler at the Cherry Creek Sneak!   It was a chilly morning in Denver, but it warmed up to a nice sunny 50 degrees by the end of the race.  At mile 7 my knee locked up and I was forced to slow down considerably, but still finished without taking a walking break.   I have three weeks until my half-marathon and I learned that I really need to get on my training if I want to meet my goal of running the half in under two hours.  I know, that might be slow for some, however that is running faster than the speed of light for this molasses Betty.

After I finished up the race, I hurried back to my car and home to my fiance for a day of house hunting.  I am SO SO SO happy to report that we finally decided on a neighborhood and a house!  More on that to come once the details are solidified.

Again, I apologize for the lack of writing.  Now that I am back in a happy place the writing will pick back up.  Thanks for letting my writing rest.  I hope you have rested as well.

194-197: Writing Lull

Do you ever have those days that writing feels like work?  It’s felt like that the last few days, hence the writing hiatus.  I will get my creative mojo back soon.  Until then, bare with me and know that I’m continuing to sweat through the lull!

Day 194:  On Sunday morning I went to a hot vinyasa flow at Core Power Yoga.  The class was filled with

Day 195:  One hour walk to work and around Cherry Creek.

Day 196:  One hour walk.

Day 197:  30 minute run around my ‘hood.


Days 190-193: Anusara, Runs and Vipers

Day 190: On Wednesday a gal pal of mine was in town from DC for an interview  in Denver.  After she finished wowing the CEO, I picked her up and took her to Samadhi Yoga in Uptown.  Mat by mat, we completed a 90 minute Anusara style class.  The instructor, Buffy Barfoot (seriously, best name of all time), dedicated the class to binding poses.  I was not sure how that was going to work with my recently tight running muscles, but gave it a shot.  We both walked out of class wowed by how great our bodies felt and I was in awe of how free my positive thoughts were flowing.  Love for binds.

Day 191:  Thursday was the perfect running day, 65 and sunny.  I laced up my kicks and headed to good ol’ Wash Park for a five-mile run.  I used the Droid App called, “run keeper,” which uses a computerized woman’s voice every five minutes  to give an update on distance and pace.  It kept me motivated to stay at my ideal pace.  If you do not have this phone app, I highly suggest getting it.  Did I mention it’s free!?

Day 192:  Yesterday I went to Bonza Bodies downtown for a class that had unfortunately been cancelled.  On the brighter side of things, the owner, Jamie Atlas, gave me some one-on-oneattention.  He taught me how to use a workout device (device is the best word I can come up with!) called the Viper* and then had me do lunges across a contraption that looked like a balance beam.  All the while, he was figuring out what some of my injuries/tight muscles might be.  He sent me on my way with numerous stretches to help ease some of my pain.

Afterwards, I jogged for thirty minutes in my neighborhood before heading into work.

Day 193:  Five mile run in Washington Park.  Are you guys sick of me running there?  I could branch out a bit, but I just love the energy.  Any other Denverites have running paths in the city that they love?

Today there was a group of guys running pretty fast that added in random dance moves when they past one another.  I tried my mightiest to keep up with them to watch that awesomeness, however their quick speeds eventually left me in their dust.  How can I give up seeing things like this!?  It made my day seeing people who seemingly loved running so much.

*More to come on the Viper’s when I make it to one of his classes next week.

Days 188 & 189: Does Anyone Love To Run?

Day 188:  For some reason I thought it was a good idea to sign-up for the 10 mile race at the Cherry Creek Sneak on April 29th.  My running skills have rapidly declined in the warmer months and now I am left dreading this race in 12 days and my half-marathon in five weeks.  Yesterday I decided to stop getting stuck in my “I’m such a bad runner” story and do something about it.

I ran two 9 minute miles to Washington Park to meet a friend.  We then walked five miles while gabbing about life and then I ran two more 9 minute miles back home.  I felt great afterwards and made myself more excited about running today.

Day 189:  This afternoon I ran to Washington Park, around the big loop and back home.  Six miles.  I didn’t love it, but I did it.   I have a very serious question to ask all you runners that are reading this, do you enjoy running?  Like, actually enjoy it every single time you do it?  Why do you do it?   What keeps you doing it everyday?  I’d really love to hear someone else’s romantic running story to help me fall back in love with the sport.

If you really are one of those people who love doing it every single day, then I’d love to invite you to do a guest blog on here to share with others about the relationship you have with your running shoes and local trails.  Shoot me an email at if you’re interested!

Days 185-187: HOGA and Greens

Day 185:  Friday was day two of the detoxifying fruit/vegetable fast and the most sore I have ever been in my entire life (see:  two previous days of sweat).  My body was drained.  Mike and I went for an hour walk around the neighborhood while every 20 ish steps one of my sore legs would give out. #healthyexhaustion

*The photo of me sleeping/spooning my cat on the couch was taken this evening at 8:30 pm.

Day 186:  My legs were finally able to bend again, so I celebrated with a run around my neighborhood.  For fourty minutes I soaked up the sun (with loads of SPF 30) and took in all the dreamy homes that I love looking at and longing for.

Day 187:  Day four of the detoxifying and I have a lot of energy back.  On day two we added in a lean protein and veggies for dinner and that helped out a bunch.  With all of my gusto returning I found that my body was craving yoga.  I have not had a home yoga practice in such a long time that I knew it was time to unroll my mat in my living room.  I turned on some Ondemand classical tunes and setup my own flow for 55 minutes, while I smelled our smoked paprika chicken in the oven. Home + comfort food + my two loves (Mike and Jack the cat)= bliss.  I could get used to this type of sweat.

I focused on poses that gave my back a good stretch and took the largest breaths I can remember ever taking.  I inhaled strength and exhaled love.  Over and over and over again.  It was such a gentle reminder of how peaceful hoga (home yoga) can really be.

Recipe of the week: Carrot Bliss

  • 4 large carrots
  • 1/2 inch lemon (including peel)
  • grated ginger
  • 1/2 cup ice
  • 1 cup water

Blend in Vitamix using the “frozen dessert” setting.  Sidenote:  this is definitely not a dessert, just a delicious carrot juice.

Day 184: Ozzie Style

Day 184:   I am so stoked about the class that I took this morning that I had to  write about it ASAP.  We had Bonza Bodies owner, Jamie Atlas, come into our lululemon athletica store in Cherry Creek to teach a bootcamp class with some serious Australian flair.  I have done a lot of bootcamps, but this one really took the fun cake.  Not only was it hard, it was educational, hilarious and high energy.  Jamie’s (large) presence made me want to exert more effort and watching 20 of my co-workers enjoying their sweat sessions made it even more memorable.

Sneaky Jamie walked around and secretly* videotaped us going through circuits.  Here is the video for your viewing pleasure:

*I say secretly because I did not notice him run by.  I would have at least tried not to look so exhausted doing the side step lunges if I knew the paparazzi was coming!*

Days 181-183: Whoaaa, I’m Halfway There…

Day 181:  Colorado Rockies Opening Day!!   Mike and I walked about five miles on Monday to pick up a friend (to walk further with us), then walked to meet other buddies, next to the stadium and lastly, a half-mile until we found our final cab that took us home for the night.  My feet were covered in filthy happiness.

Day 182:  Half-way through and guess what?  I forgot 😦   I did not forget to workout, but I forgot to make it a special workout to signify how far I have come. Mike and I spent the majority of our day house hunting and our minds were full of house owning dreams, confusing floor plans, mortgage fears, remodeling ideas and lots of other confusing things to first time home buyers.  Exhausted from our day, we decided to walk together for an hour hand-in-hand  while discussing our best options.  On second thought, I’m not sure if I would redo this workout in any other way.

Day 183:  This morning I went to a crossfit bootcamp at Washington Park at 6 a.m.  For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you know that those early morning classes do not happen often.   One of my friends talked me into making the commitment and I could not let her down.  We warmed up with what alone would have been the hardest workout I have had in months: Indian Runs.   After that there were lots of burpees (youtube it, I can’t even begin to explain that one), air squats, kettle-bell swings and sprinting.  It was brutal and awesome rolled into one.  Here is the link if you’re interested in checking out this early a.m. butt-kicking with Crossfit Stapleton:

Lastly, I wanted to share with you something that has the potential to change a lot of lives.  My fiance and I watched “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” a documentary on the benefits of juicing and eating a healthy diet.

Click here to watch the free movie on hulu

Click here to find some recipes and tips

Afterwards we both looked at each other and said, “we have to do this.”   Many hours of research later we decided to get the Vitamix 500 and start our 10 day juicing challenge tomorrow.  It’s going to be tough in so many ways and we are fully prepared for what is going to happen to our detoxifying bodies.  Actually, scratch that, I am not prepared.  However, I am dedicated and excited to see how this challenge changes my relationship with food.  Don’t you worry, I’ll be sharing our experience along the way.

If you see me around and I look quite angry, please forgive me.  I will be blaming my tude’ on the all liquid diet.  Here we go!

Days 178-180: Colorado Family

Today is the Colorado Rockies opening day and I have been waiting for this day for five years!   Umm hmm, five years.  I worked in the HR department the year that they made it to the World Series and then took a break from baseball life and went back to work at Fenway for the 2009 season.  Unfortunately if you work at a stadium, then you work all the games.  This is my first year back in Colorado since I left the HR world and my best friend/former boss, Amber (from Coors Field and Fenway) is also in town to help celebrate the big day.  So why the heck is this event so important to the blog?   Two reasons:  1.  I need to blog about my last few days workouts and I cannot focus on writing because I’m so excited about today and 2.  Because it’s Rockie’s Opening Day, who in Denver is not excited about this!? *

Day 178: 10 mile bike ride.  5 of the miles felt like I was riding towards a tornado headed my way.

Day 179: I walked for an hour while catching up with my childhood best friend, Jill.  We chatted about anything and everything.  It made me remember why I love walking as a form of commuting.  Sometimes it’s hard to find time in the day for keeping up with long-distance friends, but when I blend my workout/commuting/phone time, it is the best use of time I could really think of.

Day 180:  Happy Hippity Hoppity! Like most of my friends in Denver, my family is located elsewhere in the US.  My friends have become my family here.  I spent the morning with some of my favorite people in the world and the afternoon with my newest friend, Jenny.  We walked in Washington Park for almost 90 minutes and reminisced on past family holidays and what it means to be away from our loved ones.   It was the perfect non-family holiday and it made me so happy to know how quickly Denver has become our home.

*This paragraph literally might be the most pointless paragraph I have written in 180 days.  My excited nerves apologize.  They wrote that, not Betsy.*

Day 177: Own Your Decisions

Day 177:  Before today, I could not remember the last time that I had a great run.  The kind of run that leaves me happy with my time, distance and amount of tiredness throughout the run.  Lately I have been allowing my excuses to get in the way of making any progress.   Some of the most common excuses that I use are, “I didn’t sleep well last night, I’m too tired, I haven’t eaten enough, I have eaten too much, I have too much to do, It’s too hot/cold/windy, etc.”  The list could go on and on…it really exhausts me to think about.  These lame excuses have caused my running progress to come to a screeching halt this past month.

Today, I made the choice not to let whatever excuse popped up in my head affect my run.  I wanted to run 5.5 miles and I was going to do it well.   There comes a point in my run where I can make a turn at the park into the smaller loop, which would make it 3.5 miles or continue on the outside to make it 5.5.  I chose the longer distance.   As I was plugging along at my 9.25 pace I was passed by a woman running the pace I aspire to keep, then I passed a darling running Mother with her stroller and dog and finally a woman in her 70s that was stronger than most women I know in their 20s.  These women all represented something that I want in my life; a faster pace, a healthy family and a never-ending need for fitness.

Someone recently asked me how I know that the decision I’ve made is the right one.   I know when I’ve chosen well, because the things I want are on the same path as me.  Everything seems to align in a way that tells me, “you got it sista!” So the next time I try to bail on the long run, I will keep in my mind the three women who inspired me today and continue to look for things that inspire me every step of the way.

Days 174-176: Macaroni and Snow

Day 174:  I thought that winter was done for the season, but Mother Nature clearly had something else in mind.  On Sunday it was 75 and sunny and on Monday it turned to 35 and snowy.  I had some errands to run that day and wanted to get them done before the snow really started.  I spent an hour on my bike powering through my list, came home and did a generic push up, jumping jack and crunch workout before hunkering down for the night.

Day 175:  Yesterday it snowed and then snowed some more.  I was not feeling very courageous, so I decided to stay inside and use the ol’ TRX.  I did a 45 minute workout while jamming out to songs from Rent the musical.

Day 176:  The weather has turned back to a warm 65 degrees and I laced up my kicks for a run in Wash Park.  I made it about 1.5 miles before my really healthy lunch of macaroni and cheese with a chocolate chip cookie started upsetting my stomach.  I decided to walk for a few minutes to see if I could calm down my stomach…no dice.  I walked three more miles home.  I suppose some workouts just end like that.  That’s okay.  Tomorrow I won’t eat like crappola and I will make it a better run.