Daily Archives: March 10, 2012

Days 148-150: Calming The Nerves

Day 148:   Wednesday was a day that I was feeling a little stressed out.  Ya see, I don’t love public speaking and on Thursday, I had to do bust out of my fear and speak.  In front of real live humans.   I spent every free second that I had that day practicing my speech and going over my jokes in my head.  Working out was the furthest thing from my mind.  I got in a handful of walks throughout the day and 200 lunges while I was at lululemon, trying desperately to shake out any nervous energy.

Day 149:  On Thursday I gave a speech to the personal trainers at University of Denver about life coaching and my business.  The first few minutes were a little nutty with nerves, after that, I calmed myself and carried on.  It wasn’t the best, nor was it anywhere near the worst.  It made me want to try again and again until I get it right, until the Betsy I know and love can really shine through.

With the public speaking behind me I was going to reward myself with a ski day in the mountains, but a sick fiance at home made me want to stay by his side instead.  We headed to Boulder and played in the city for a few hours.  After that, he napped and I went for an hour long walk and talked on the phone with my Dad the whole time.  He calmed my fears about speaking and we talked about fatherly things like buying a house and mortgages.

Day 150: Today I went for a four mile run to Washington Park, around the lake and back home.  I jammed out to some Dave Matthews and smiled at every runner that I passed.  Sometimes I get confused why runners do that and other times I want to try out high-fiving every runner I pass to see if it would catch on.  I’d love an encouraging high-five on a run, wouldn’t you?

The last four blocks back to my house I alternated between high-knees, butt kicks, lunges and tip toe walking…..and I got a lot of strange looks.  I had to really concentrate my thoughts on my buns in a wedding dress and away from the giggling people at a bar that I passed (in retrospect, I probably should have started the block after the bar).  It was a nice reminder of why I workout- for myself, not for anyone else.  At least I gave some bar peeps a good laugh though, right?!