Days 146 & 147: It’s All About The Sun

Day 146:  Yesterday morning I ran two miles to Washington Park to meet my friend Jenny for a much-needed walk and talk session.  We walked our chatty buns over to Wash Perk (sidenote:  this hidden gem of a coffee shop is my soon to be new work home- come stop by and say hello!), filled up on coffee and then walked five miles while gabbing away about life.  It’s so easy to forget that I’m walking when I’m in good company.  I highly recommend adding something this light-hearted to your workout, it’s healthy and cathartic all in one! 

Day 147:  Today I spent an hour biking while running errands.  I found myself adding on extra blocks just so I could stay on my bike and enjoy the 70 degree sun for a longer amount of time.  There is something special about the first warm days of Spring (or maybe just a few freakishly warm winter days) that makes a city come alive.  After I came home from biking I laced up my running sneaks, threw on some neon shorts and a tank top and ran four miles to and from Washington Park.  I could feel the vitamin D being soaked into my body like a plant that had not been watered in weeks.  It felt phenomenal and even my Pandora Britney Spears station was spot on with my mood.

All this running in the beautiful weather the past few days has me thinking about starting up my Colfax half-marathon training plan.  This thought then took me back to my New Year’s Resolutions and where I am with them.  The weekly crossfit with Mike?  Non-existant; however, we have both being doing TRX fairly often, so I am going to count that for now.  Higher quality blog pictures?  Fail.  I’m going to start taking pictures with a real camera tomorrow (it’s hard to carry one on a run!).  Today Show with Al Roker?  I am figuring out my action plan for how to tackle this beast, any suggestions?

While I am talking about resolutions and goals, one of my biggest ones is to have a full schedule of life coaching clients.  At this point, I am halfway there and am learning how to market, network and run a small business.  I am always 100% open to any ideas or suggestions on how to grow my clientele, if you have any suggestions for me then please, please, please feel free to pass them this way.  Thank you devoted readers for the support and encouragement.  Now, how can I support you??  Shoot me an email at if I can help you out with anything 🙂

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