Daily Archives: March 5, 2012

Days 143-145: Back On The Bike

Day 143:  On Friday evening I got off of work and headed straight to Core Power Yoga for a good ol’ fashioned kick my butt, sweat buckets, yoga session.  And that it did.  By the end of the class I had done four crows, five headstands and barely had enough energy in me to wash the sweat out of my hair afterwards.  The sickness is completely gone and the sweaty Betsy is back.  Hallelujah!

Day 144:  On Saturday morning I wanted to have a lazy morning with my fiance more than anything in the world, so we did; and it included coffee, coffee talk and lots of laughing.  Ahh, the blissfulness of young love.

Unfortunately the young love keeps me by his side more than it makes me want to run to the gym.  Since I chose our morning together, I had to find a way to workin my sweat sesh.  I had to work the next eight hours of the day and decided to go for a run on my break.  It was a balmy 32 degrees and I ran for 25 minutes in whatever direction the sun was shining.  Although it wasn’t ideal, it did make me realize that a run during a work day is way better than a cup of coffee or gummy bears to give me a jolt.

Day 145: Today was 65, sunny and everything that a person coming out of winter dreams of.  Mike and I strapped on our biking shoes and hopped on our bikes.  We rode our bikes along the Cherry Creek Trail to REI to stock up on biking goods, then up to the highlands to say hello to a friend and then back home.  We went about hour and I decided that no matter how short my rides are from here on out, I will ALWAYS wear padded shorts.  I swear that they are a better invention than the bike.  I think that my bruised bum and thighs would strongly agree to that too!