Days 141 & 142: Powerhouse Pilates

Day 141:  Yesterday morning I woke up and did a quick 15 minute TRX circuit and then walked the 45 minute hike into work.  I love walking everywhere.  I can let my mind wander and not have to pay attention to anything other than my breath.  I will admit though, I am stoked for my bike to get a little tune up so I can speed up my alternate mode of transportation.

Day 142:  Today was such a treat!  A friend of mine put me in touch with Nicole Cutler, the owner of Powerhouse Pilates in Cherry Creek.  I had no idea what to expect since most of my pilates experience comes from lying on a mat and doing the dirty 100 with ten other women.

First off I was greeted by a huge, friendly, loving chocolate lab who wanted nothing but a good pet session.  Since I sometimes think I might like animals more than humans (does this sound horrible?  come on, they are the most amazing creatures!!), I was delighted to pet her for a few minutes as another client finished up.  After my pup rub down, Nicole brought me back to her beautiful pilates studio.  She walked me through a few different ab exercises, then we went to the reformer, followed by a pilates chair and topped off with the tall scary reformer that I do not remember the technical name of.

Although I can barely move my body right now, I did not realize how hard the exercises were because of how fantastic Nicole was throughout the entire session.  Her high energy, fun personality and personalized cheerleading made me forget that I was in pain.  I can’t wait to go back for another workout, puppy belly rubbin’ and some seriously fun instructor time.

So if you’re looking for a pilates studio or for a new instructor, look no further.  Take my word, I promise you it will knock your arm fat right off!

**Bonus movement:  I walked for 90 minutes all over this gorgeous city today.

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