Daily Archives: February 28, 2012

Days 139-140: TRX Time

I suppose I should have let you all know that my fiance and I are sharing a car for as long as humanly possible in a city that does not have a lot of public transportation.   Most people think we are nuts, but we keep in mind our dream home that backs up to the foothills and the fact that one car means that we are probably using another healthy mode of transportation (walking, biking or busing).  So far, the only issue that I have complained about is the lack of gyms/studios within walking distance from our house.  It makes my exercise routine lack some variety.

Now that I am starting to feel better (praise all things sweaty!), I decided to really take advantage of the TRX that I can do in our home.  Yesterday I completed a 45 minute “endurance circuit” and today I did a 30 minute “metabolic circuit,” both of which left me completely exhausted.  It’s hard to belive that just two big straps and your body weight can kick your own butt.

Today I am also walking three miles to my friend’s house for a cup of tea.  Seriously, it better be some good tea!  Although this city isn’t super public transit friendly, I challenge you to try out life without a car for a while.  See how your life changes, pay attention to what loses importance and start to notice what matters.  It’s a really healthy way to live your life, try it out sometime!