Day 134: Barin’ Some Skin

How long has it been since you have worn shorts outside?  I couldn’t remember the last time that I had, so I took advantage of our 50 degree sunny day by throwing on my favorite running shorts and heading to Washington Park.  Unfortunately I learned that 50 degrees might be a little too cold to wear shorts and a light long-sleeve shirt, but it was still worth it.  It reminded me of the warm days that I don’t have to bundle myself up in multiple layers, gloves and a hat.  It was a tease for the Spring weather that we are all pining for. 

While strutting the streets in my shorts, I decided not to follow my usual path to Wash Park.  Instead, I just ran wherever my legs took me (preferably in the sun) and then ran home on back streets.  It was a beautiful day to explore my neighborhood more.  Just a few more weeks until the cold days are a thing of the past…or am I just being really hopeful!?

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