Daily Archives: February 18, 2012

Days 128-130: Makin’ It Happen

Day 128:  On Wednesday I walked a little less than two miles to Kindness Yoga in Cherry Creek for an all levels vinyasa flow.  It was the perfect class for a sunny day.

Day 129:  Yesterday my childhood best friend came in town from New York and we walked into the city while enjoying the sights.  Overall, we walked for a little over three hours and talked about everything in the world.   Thank goodness for Denver’s beautiful blue skies, sunny days and 55 degree weather.  It just makes life easier.

Day 130:  Today was a challenge.  Well in actuality, the past few days have been a physical test of sorts.  My stomach really started being “off” on Valentine’s Day (I will leave the definition of “off” up to your imagination) and has gone south from there.  After three days of the tummy follies, I do not have much strength left stay awake…let alone enough to get in a proper workout.   Therefore, I made my workout today three sets of ten minute walks.  It’s all this feeble bod could handle.   Listening to my body when it needs a break might be the only way I can get through this workout challenge and whatever virus is living in my intestines.

Sorry for the lack of witti-ness and charm.  My brain needs a wee break as well.  I do hope that you make it through the cold and flu season without this funk.  If you don’t, do yourself a favor and listen to what your body needs.  Trust me, it will be thankful.