Days 117 & 118: Listening In

Day 117:  Being able to workout at home is a wonderful thing.  I used to practice yoga from home once in a while and found it to be a decent workout, but not the best because of all the distractions.  Since Mike has installed the TRX mount in our living room, I have been pleasantly surprised with my ability to hone in on the video and forget about my surroundings.  With the sidewalks still yielding slick icy spots I chose to forgo my typical morning run and do a TRX video.  What I like about the workout is that I can challenge myself differently every time I complete the video; adjusting it to what my body can do that day.

Day 118:  I love being able to walk to a local yoga studio.  Not only for the additional exercise, but it’s a nice reminder of how much I love living in a city.  This morning I walked to Core Power Yoga and took an hour-long heated flow.  As I was flowing, I listened to my what my body wanted.  Today, I knew that it did not need to go as hard as possible; instead, it wanted me to recognize that I could take it a little easier in class.  I skipped a few chaturangas and once I fell out of a headstand, I did not attempt to go up for a second.  It felt good to feel in sync with my entirety.  I hope you read this and you can relate  to what I am trying to say, because it feels damn good.

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